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Records for Dorchester Youth Soccer - By Gender - Age - Division - Section

Below you will find the standings of all teams part of Dorchester Youth Soccer.

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SN # Team Field W-L-T-F PTS GF GA GD Coach Asst Coach
GIRLS-14 3/K 2230 City
0 Kieran Harrington Kathy Clark
GIRLS-12 3/E 3143 Breakers
0 Bob Griffin Adilson DaSilva
GIRLS-11 3/C 3135 Pride
0 Lisa Jackson Brian Tracey
GIRLS-9 3/E 3907 Angels
0 Bob Griffin Patrick Doherty
BOYS-14 3/A 3495 Strikers
0 Andrew Quigley Steve Datish
BOYS-14 3/D 3571 United
0 Joe Hobbs Jose Calderon
BOYS-12 3/A 4421 Dragons
0 Tim Healy
BOYS-11 2/A 3149 Dynamo
0 Jay Studley Brian Nee
BOYS-10 3/B 4146 FC United
0 Joe Hobbs
BOYS-10 3/B 4147 Sharks
0 Adilson DaSilva

Organizational Members

Title Name Phone Email
President Joe Hobbs (781) 570-9283 E-mail
Registrar Maura Doyle (617) 571-5445 E-mail
Registrar Dan Murray 617-513-3328 E-mail
Referee Assignments Will Casey (617) 293-1620 E-mail
Treasurer Roy Alexis 617-596-8028 E-mail
Boys Director Manny Dikibo 617- 905-7400 E-mail
Girls Director Lisa Jackson 617-538-2242 E-mail
Immediate Past President Steve Weymouth Not Available