Team Rates, Fines, and Fees

Season Application Fee: $25

Current Team Season Registration Rates:

Grade 3 and 4 (7v7) $260
Grade 5 and 6 (9v9) $325
Grade 8 (11v11) $675
Grade 11, Spring only (11v11)  $575
Grade 12/PG, Spring only (11v11) $625
Grade 9-12 (7v7)  $250


Late Payment Team Registration Fee: $25/Team if payment not EXECUTED in Quick Books Payments or RECEIVED by BAYS in the mail if still paying by check by no later than the stated Invoice Due Date

Late Addition Team Registration Fee: $25/Team after initial registration period closes

Team Drop Fees - Graduated:

  • Team Withdrawn before Registration Close Date: No Fee and No Team Fee
  • Team Withdrawn after Registration Close Date but Before Initial Placement Change Requests Due: $Loss of Team Fee
  • Team Withdrawn after Initial Placement Change Requests Due but Before Field Sharing is Due: $Loss of team fee + $100
  • Team Withdrawn after Field Sharing is Due: $Loss of Team Fee + $250

Presidents’ Cup Team Registration Fee: $50

Protest or Appeals Fee per Match Rules 12 and/or 13:  $100 (will be returned if won by plaintiff)

Game Forfeit Fine per Match Rules 8 and 16: $25/assigned forfeit

Player Forfeit Fine per Match Rule 2:  $25/playing game with player(s) not printed on presented roster

Roster Forfeit Fine per Match Rule 2:  $25/playing game without presenting an approved roster within stated time limit

Teams No Show Fine when referees show up but both teams do not show:

  • Grade 3/4: $30
  • Grade 5/6: $40
  • Grade 8: $110
  • Grade 11: $140
  • Grade 12: $150
  • Grade 9-12 (7v7): $50