Team Rates, Fines, and Fees

Season Application Fee: $25

Current Team Season Registration Rates:

Grade 3 and 4 (7v7) $260
Grade 5 and 6 (9v9) $325
Grade 8 (11v11) $675
Grade 11, Spring only (11v11)  $575
Grade 12/PG, Spring only (11v11) $625
Grade 9-12 (7v7) Fall 2020 5 week season $180


Late Payment Team Registration Fee: $25/Team if payment not POSTMARKED by stated Invoice Due Date

Late Addition Team Registration Fee: $25/Team after initial registration period closes

Team Drop Fees - Graduated:

  • Team Withdrawn before Registration Close Date: No Fee and No Team Fee
  • Team Withdrawn after Registration Close Date but Before Initial Placement Change Requests Due: $Loss of Team Fee
  • Team Withdrawn after Initial Placement Change Requests Due but Before Field Sharing is Due: $Loss of team fee + $100
  • Team Withdrawn after Field Sharing is Due: $Loss of Team Fee + $250

Presidents’ Cup Team Registration Fee: $50

Protest or Appeals Fee per Match Rules 12 and/or 13:  $100 (will be returned if won by plaintiff)

Game Forfeit Fine per Match Rules 8 and 16: $25/assigned forfeit

Player Forfeit Fine per Match Rule 2:  $25/playing game with player(s) not printed on presented roster

Roster Forfeit Fine per Match Rule 2:  $25/playing game without presenting an approved roster within stated time limit

Teams No Show Fine when referees show up but both teams do not show:

  • Grade 3/4: $30
  • Grade 5/6: $40
  • Grade 8: $110
  • Grade 11: $140
  • Grade 12: $150
  • Grade 9-12 (7v7): $50