Replacement Game Process

The replacement game process should be used with games where referees showed up but the game did not start or was not completed to ensure that those referees get paid and a new replacement game can be created if needed.

Division Directors will receive a system message when a game in one of their sections was not fully completed and a referee details this on a game report or a referee assignor makes this designation in the Game Management system.

A decision and further action in the Scoring Pad is required from the Division Director in this situation.

Step 1: Get to Scoring Pad

  • Click on the My BAYS link on the left of the header bar and scroll down to the Division Director role and then over into the Scoring Pad.
  • Click on box to select the section and scroll down to the game week you want to review. Then click the Score Sections button near the bottom.

Step 2: Review Game Details

  • Click on the Highlighted Red Details! link to the right of the game in question. Read over the instructions/definitions that come up and review the alternatives.
  • Select your action (REPLAY; STAND; HOLD) from the dropdown.
  • Click on Submit.
  • Please respond in a timely manner (24 hours or less if possible).

Step 3: Confirm Correct Game Score Shows in Scoring Pad

  • Go back into the Scoring Pad for that section and game week
  • If you selected REPLAY, then NO score should be showing in the original game (xxxx) but the game should be listed back at the default game time, and a new game (xxxx-1) will show to allow for referee payment. The Details button will be blue.
  • If you selected STAND, then the reported score from the initial game report should show, the game ID will stay (xxxx) and the Details button will be blue. Should you want to change the reported score to a Forfeit, STAND the game and then go back to your Scoring Pad and apply the forfeit there.
  • If you selected HOLD, no change has yet occurred and the Details button will still be red.