Section Captain Instructions

The primary responsibility of a Section Captain is to gather and post scores from matches, hopefully by the end of each game weekend. Instructions below detail how to access and use the Scoring System.

You need to contact the other coaches in your section to set up a timely method to collect the scores—such as via email by no later than Sunday night.

Posting scores should take no more than 5-10 minutes a week. If a particular coach does not respond or fails to submit scores on a timely basis, let your Division Director know so that he or she can attempt to improve the situation.

It is NOT the Section Captain’s responsibility to resolve disputes or get involved in rescheduling games. Forfeits or changes in game schedules are the responsibility of the Division Director, not the Section Captain. Please reinforce this with the coaches in your section. They must get the approval of the DD on all game changes, such as preplaying Columbus Day or Memorial Day games.

Note: If you are a section captain missing access to the scoring pad please contact your division director.

Step 1: Login

  • Click the Login button on the left end of the blue header bar and enter your username and password. You will be directed to a Login page where you can update your profile if needed.
  • Click on the My BAYS link on the left end of the header bar and scroll down to the Section Captain role and then over into My Sections.

Step 2: Email Section Contacts – (only has to be done once)

  • Once you are in the My Section area, use the Email All Coaches button to create a message that will prepopulate and go to all the coaches in your section.
  • Provide the coaches with the email you would like them to contact you at to send you the scores.
  • Suggest that they list Both team names and the Game Date in their updates to make it easier to post correctly.
  • Request the scores by no later than Sunday of the game weekend.
  • Coaches should be asked to report match scores for Both their home and away games.

Step 3: Enter Scores Weekly by Sunday if possible

  • Go into the Scoring Pad area.
  • Select your section and game week you want to score and click the Score Sections button. To input more than one week of scores at a time, select Any at the top of the drop-down field.
  • Record the scores being careful to enter the home and away team scores correctly.
  • Both coaches should be reporting match scores, but if you don't get timely reports from one of the coaches, still post what you have. If the non-reporting coach has an issue with the posted score, they will contact you. Refer them to your Division Director to resolve.
  • Use the Notes field if useful information was sent to you (e.g. – game not played due to rain or an unplayable field). Notes are publicly visible on the team schedule page, so keep that in mind and do not record comments from teams about game play.
  • After entering scores and notes, you MUST click the Submit Scores button to save the information. Information is locked 1 hour after you submit.
  • If a correction needs to be made to a score after that, contact your Division Director to make the update.
  • If the opponent is a BAYS BYE, do not enter ANY score.
  • Note: If you are the Section Captain for a section that has two sides (denoted by a number alongside the section letter designator such as H1/H2) you will ONLY see a place in your scoring pad to enter scores for games when the HOME team is part of your side of the section. When one of the teams on your side plays a crossover team away, the section captain for the other side of the section is responsible for entering the scores since it is a home game on their side. This means that there may be weeks in the schedule when you have NO games showing on your Scoring Pad because all your section's teams are playing away matches.