Referee Payment Information

Game rates for the 2021 Fall Season

BAYS referee game rates for the 2021 Fall Season are as follows:

Center Referee Grade 9-12 (7v7) $55
Center Referee Grade 8 (11v11) $55
Center Referee Grades 5, 6 (9v9) $40
Center Referee Grades 3, 4 (7v7) $30
Line Referee Grade 8 $30

NOTE: Please refer to the Pay History dropdown under your My BAYS-->Referee->Pay History for your payments due. Line referee positions other than those listed above are paid by the town program, not BAYS.

Completed game reports, the final but key part of your game assignment, must be filed by 11/30 in each Fall season and by 6/30 in each Spring season to receive your referee payment. The game report submission system will be closed on those dates. Payments for games without a completed game report are not due, as the full assignment was not completed.

Generally BAYS-paid roles will be paid in three pay cycles during each season: After Week 4, after Week 8, and then a final payment cycle after the season game submission deadline of either June 30 or November 30. Payments will be made only for games with submitted game reports by the time the particular pay cycle is generated. Payments for town-paid positions are made directly by each town club and will have a different payment schedule. Check with your club referee assignor for details.

Required pay forms must be completed prior to BAYS processing any referee payments. Click here to find the forms:

You can log into your BAYS account and look on your Pay History page below your name/address to see your current BAYS Payment Method, which will be one of the following: ACH : Check : Incomplete Forms.

  • Process for ACH Payments: 
    • When an ACH payment has been processed, an email acknowledgment with the subject line: ACH Payment - SX Business will be sent from Yardi, an automated system, to the individual referee email listed in the SX system alerting you that an impending ACH payment will be deposited to the bank account you provided. Note: this may be your parent's bank account, so ask them too.
    • BAYS ACH payments come directly from SX Business and are listed on your bank transaction history as a disbursement from SX Business. 
    • Log into your My BAYS ->Referee->Pay History to see the game details for the ACH deposit amount total.
    • If you do not receive your direct deposit within 48-72 hours of the email notification, please contact [email protected]. Depending on your bank, some payments may take even longer.
  •  Note on Paper Check Payments: (no longer a payment method selection for referees)
    • As of Spring 2021, BAYS no longer pays referees by paper check. Any referee still with the payment method of check should complete and submit the EFT Authorization Form linked at the bottom of this page: Once the form have been submitted, the referee will be fully paid in the next pay cycle.

Generally, your club's Referee Assignor can answer most of your direct questions, so please start there. 

Additional BAYS resources are linked below:

 If you have a pay issue, first login and check your referee Pay History, then send email to [email protected]


The BAYS Referee Director(s) with any issues regarding rules, etc: [email protected]


The Ejection Secretary with any issues with game problems or cards: [email protected]


The 2nd VP/Sportsmanship Chair with any zero tolerance or sportsmanship issues etc: [email protected]


The Webmaster with any issues regarding the web process or procedures: [email protected]



We will be accepting applications for the Stephen A. Kokolski Memorial Scholarship Fund again this year. Only registered soccer referees who are pursuing a degree in engineering as a freshman or current college student are eligible. Applications should be sent to Stephen A Kokolski Scholarship Fund c/o Claudette Kokolski; 70 Monroe Drive, Holliston, MA 01746