2018 BAYS MTOC Roster Freeze

Just a reminder from the BAYS Registrar that the BAYS MTOC Roster Freeze is this Sunday May 13 2018 at midnight.  Your coaches and players are "frozen" - no more changes accepted after Sunday.  Remember any coach listed must be CORI approved through the end of MTOC and any player added must be affiliated.  Like waivers - if you indicate it is applied for - it doesn't help until it is approved.  Contact the Registrar if you need help with an unaffiliated players or unCORI'd coaches.


Extension of Makeup Window and Coaches Card Info

Extension of Makeup WindowWith many fields closed for the weekend, we've made an adjustment to our makeup timeline to help coaches get the games played.  For games not able to be played due to an unplayable field, BAYS has expanded the makeup window as follows:

For weeks 1,2,3  for matches not played due to unplayable fields or religious holiday,:

Non-MTOC teamshave until week 10 in which to make-up the match.


Important Dates for Spring

Friday, January 12, Registration for grades 3-8 opens.

Wednesday, January 31, Registration is due. Extended to Monday, Feb. 5, 9 AM.

Teams may be dropped prior to Monday, February 5, 12 noon, with no loss of fee or penalty.

Teams dropped on or after February 5, loss of team fee.

Placements posted, middle of February.

February 15, registration opens for grades 10 & 12. Division 1 & 2 are 11 v 11, Division 3 is 7 v 7.