Unschedule Game Process

The Unschedule game process is used when you are notified that a game will not be played as originally scheduled but do NOT yet know when the new rescheduled date/time will be. It allows clubs to keep track of these unscheduled games more easily.

Please use this status as Unscheduled shows on the teams' public schedule and adjusts all synch calendar entries. It avoids lots of confusion for coaches, parents, and parents.
To categorize a game as Unscheduled, use your Game Management/Game Scheduling function to locate the game. Click the blue Assign/Update button    in the game row, then simply check the box to flag the pending game as Unscheduled:

Remember to hit Submit to process your selections  

This state:

  • Removes the original date and time
  • Keeps the original field
  • Resets any scheduled referees to pending and sends them a system email that the game status has changed to Unscheduled
  • Shows the game details as Unscheduled in the teams’ schedules
  • Changes shading status to blue on the Game Scheduling page. Any Unscheduled games will display at the top of the original game week, but also be sortable using the Filter function set to Unscheduled

Once the coaches have confirmed the reschedule, go to your Game Management/Game Scheduling function, click through the Update button in the game row and uncheck the Unscheduled Game flag, then:

  • Change Game Date and Game time
  • Update Game Field, if that has changed from original
  • Reassign/Assign/Unassign referees:
    • To KEEP originally assigned referees, hit Submit after updating the new game date and time. Listed original referees will receive a game change notice to reaccept the revised game
    • To CHANGE referees, the club’s certified Ref Assignor should be the person to Submit the game change and assign the new referees all at the same time to avoid confusion for the original ref crew who will not be notified. The new referees will receive a pending assignment notice. 
    • To UNASSIGN original referees, but NOT identify replacement referees at this time, check the box to Unassign Original Referees and the assignments will revert to TBD after you click Submit. Since the original referees were notified when the game became unscheduled, they will not be notified they were removed at this point.          

  • Remember to hit Submit to process your selections