Team Registration Process

Team Registration Process Overview

For simplicity, “town” is used for any club or organization entering a team in BAYS.

Team Registration Timing


Spring Season

Fall Season

Grades 3-8 Youth



Grades 9-12 High School (7v7 recreational)

Late March

Late August

Grades 11 and 12 High School (11v11 competitive)

Late March

Late August

Adding a Team after registration period closes: 


  • Towns may request to add a team until the schedule is finalized. The team will be accepted only if there is space available in the requested Grade/Gender, otherwise it goes on a waitlist. If another team gets added, then both teams will be added to keep the overall # of teams even.

  • Team placement in a particular division is also contingent on space available. 

Dropping Teams after registration period closes:

  • Towns may drop a team at any time. BAYS assesses graduated financial fines, in addition to the loss of the team registration fee.


Team Registration and Placement Timeline Overview:

1.Town Registrars input teams on

2.BAYS creates and posts Initial Team Placements by gender/grade/division/section.

3.Towns review placements and submit change requests, including very brief rationales.

  • A town may contact other towns directly to prearrange a swap. If successful, both towns include the swap in their change requests.

4.BAYS reviews the towns’ placement change requests and revises the placements. Sometimes, not all placement changes can be accommodated.

5.BAYS posts Revised Team Placements prior to the BAYS General Placement Meeting.

  • Towns review revised placements.

  • Before this meeting, a town may contact another town directly to prearrange a swap to be suggested at this meeting. 

6.BAYS holds its General Placement Meeting with all towns encouraged to attend.

  • At this meeting, towns may appeal the movement or lack of movement of a team, provided they previously requested a change. 

  • Towns may also try “horse trading”. Example: “In Girls Grade 4, Division 2, Section F, Arlington has a team that would like to move up. Is there any town in Sections A through C that would like to move down?”

  • After this meeting, while BAYS is finalizing team placements, towns have a day or two to arrange a swap on their own and notify BAYS promptly.

7.BAYS publishes Final Team Placements.

8.BAYS opens Field Sharing with a submission window of 5-7 days.

9.BAYS builds final game schedules for the season.

10.BAYS posts Final Game Schedules approximately 10 days before the season starts.

For more information about the BAYS team placement process click here:

If you are a Registrar and would like more detailed explanations about the team registration inputs click here: