Grade & Age Groupings for Current Soccer Year


Program Grade Cut Off DOB Cut Off
Born On or After
Grade 3  3rd Grade AND 1/1/11
Grade 4  4th Grade or Lower AND 1/1/10
Grade 5 5th Grade or Lower AND 1/1/09
Grade 6  6th Grade or Lower AND 1/1/08
Grade 8  8th Grade or Lower AND 1/1/06
Spring Only: Grade 11 11th Grade or Lower AND 1/1/03 
Spring Only: Grade 12  12th + 1 year or Lower AND 1/1/00*
Fall and Spring HS 7v7 Grade 912 In Grade 9, 10, 11, or 12 AND 1/1/00*

Clubs are able to request waivers to these parameters under certain conditions. Click here for more information about our waiver process:

*For this Soccer Year - Mass Youth is allowing last year's players (canceled season) in their last year of eligibility to have a final year of eligibility hence the 2000 DOB Cut Off. Players must be in Grade 12 to play in Grade 912 7v7 but could be PG for Grade 12.