MTOC Eligible Team Rosters

The BAYS MTOC ROSTER FREEZE Date is Wednesday May 10, 2023. No changes may be accepted to MTOC rosters after that date.

MTOC Rosters 

  • Rosters of up to 22 for Grade 8, 10, 12/PG 
  • Rosters of up to 18 for Grade 6

The Leagues Committee Agreement affects MTOC rosters. MTOC LEAGUES AGREEMENT

Special MTOC Roster Requirements

  • Grade 6 & Grade 8 Roster Composition: Rules require that a Grade 6 or Grade 8 team going to MTOC must have a minimum of 75% of the roster from one club. Exceptions to this must be approved by the Leagues Committee. Contact the BAYS President if you think you need an exception. Note that BAYS has no restriction on this (yet) so regular season play is unaffected.
  • HS AGE Roster Composition: Rules require that a Grade 10 or Grade 12/PG team going to MTOC must have a minimum of 75% of the roster from our League. So if two BAYS towns combine to form a HS age team, we meet this requirement. A team that has more than 25% of its rostered players having interleague waivers and/or out of state waivers must get an exception granted by the Leagues Committee. Again see the BAYS President if you think you need an exception. The request for exception should be made as soon as you are aware of the need. Waiting until you qualify for MTOC and then applying is frowned upon and the Leagues Committee is not obligated to approve requests.
  • Player Movement: Due to the restricted numbers of players on an MTOC roster, once a player is removed from an MTOC roster, the player may not be added back to the team during the season. Temporary additions to rosters are not in the spirit of MTOC teams.
  • ADA waivers: Any ADA waiver request for a player on an MTOC-eligible team must also be submitted to the Mass Youth Soccer Leagues Committee for their information and making accomodations at MTOC, if needed. ADA waivers should be submitted by the BAYS Waiver submission dates to allow for adequate processing time. Late waiver requests may delay a player's eligibility.
  • Passcards – MTOC-eligible teams do NOT need passcards for the BAYS Regular season. Passcards or the Team Photo ID sheet are required for participation in the BAYS Playoffs. See Match Rule 5

All MTOC Eligible Team Rosters: 
Teams in MTOC-eligible divisions (Grade 6, 8, 10 division 1 and 2 and Grade 12/PG Div 1) must have their rosters validated by the League Registrar in addition to approval from the Division Director. This happens within the BAYS Roster Management system. Rosters without validation stamps in MTOC eligible sections are not valid. As with other rosters, the roster must be in the hands of the division director prior to be used for a match. The BAYS Registrar will stamp rosters through the roster freeze date.

Feel free to contact the BAYS Registrar with any questions: [email protected]