Procedures and Policies

Menu Guide

In the table below we provide greater detail to this list of menu options under the Procedures and Policies.

Current Season Information
Code of Conduct A quick review of the BAYS Code of Conduct and its history.
Constitution The entire BAYS Constitution, in online book format.
Current Rule Book The BAYS Game Play Rule Book.
Electronic Rosters Details on how to submit an electronic roster.
International Waivers Detailed review of BAYS International Participant Waiver Guidelines.
Passcards Instructions on creating a US Youth Soccer Passcard.
Player Priority List Guidelines for soccer players registered on multiple teams, to select the proper team to practice and play for, when conflicts arise.
Religious Holiday Policy Summary review of BAYS Religious Holiday Policy.
Seasonal Calendar A generic calendar reviewing standard activities for each month within a calendar year.
Waiver Procedure A summary review of BAYS Waiver Procedure.