MTOC Player ID Instructions for Registrars and General Passcard Information

MTOC (Massachusetts Tournament of Champions) rules require that all players participating have League Registrar approved player picture ID as well as a roster approved by the League Registrar with some minimum basic information on the player (town of residence, year of birth etc).  BAYS MTOC rosters meet all MTOC requirements as they have the League Registrar stamp on the roster before the roster is valid to be used in games.  Unlike most leagues, BAYS does not require player photo ID during the regular season or playoffs.  Any team representing BAYS at MTOC need to complete the player photo ID prior to roster turn-in deadline, typically the Tuesday before the tournament start. Clubs/Teams may chose to accomplish the player photo id requirement by any of three methods.  Any are acceptable Player Addendum sheet and BAYS Photo ID both are added to the roster so they become part of the roster.  All rostered players need to be on the the submitted sheet.  This has the advantage of you can't lose just on players ID and has the disadvantage that a complete package needs to be submitted.  If you have players that will not be at MTOC, the BAYS Registrar may line them out before submitting to MTOC Registration which is not reversible.   Player passcards are stand alone and not attached to the roster as the other two methods are.  A single passcard may get lost or the referee doesn't give them back after a match  An advantage is that they do not have to be submitted as a packaage but can be done in batches if necessary..

Certain tournaments may require passcards or picture rosters and may or may not require a League or State representive approval.  These instructions if followed should produce acceptable results.  Feel free to contact the League Registrar with any questions or request for assistance..

These instructions are divided into five parts. 

  1. General Requirements for player picture.
  2. MTOC BAYS Photo Sheet Instructions.
  3. MTOC BAYS Photo Addendum (Excel) Instructions.
  4. MtOC Passcards Instructions.
  5. General USYS Passcards Instructions.
  • Player Photos.  Each player photo needs a recent color photo that is mostly face and front view.  You have three options to produce the required documentation, player addendum sheet which becomes page 2 of the roster, BAYS photo id which becomes sheet 2 of the roster or player passcards.  Player passcards are stand alone and not attached to the roster as the other two methods are.  Your registration software will often have a module to make player passcards (SportConnect the state software does as well)  The registrar can also order blank stock from MYSA and do it manually (with a typewriter - remember those?).  See notes at the end for links.


Playoff Preparation:

  • Submit your player IDs to the BAYS Registrar for approval.  BAYS rules require the use of player photo ID (Photo sheet, photo addendum or player passcard) for use at the BAYS playoffs.  Submitting them the day before the first playoff match makes an unhappy BAYS Registrar .



Should your team be the BAYS representative there are several pre-MTOC tasks

  • The BAYS Registrar  will confirm the roster to be used including jersey numbers that may not change during the tournament.  Remember that Goalkeepers need numbers as well.  Should the team have an alternate kit and the numbers match there is no extra work but if the player has a different number that is listed on the roster as well.  For example in the standard blue kit the player is 77 but in the red kit the player is 15, the player jersey number is 77/15.  At the top of the jersey column put Blu/Red.  Plan on bringing 10 copies of the roster.  The BAYS Registrar turns in master copies of the roster to MTOC Registration and if the roster used for the team is different - there can be severe penalties up to elimination from the tournament and a hefty fine to BAYS that gets passed to your club.
  • MTOC rules require Player IDs used at MTOC to be approved by the League Registrar.  Before the end of the playoffs, the League Registrar will review and approve your player IDs.  Roster Photo Addendum and BAYS Photo ID sheets will be stamped and attached to the MTOC Roster and given to the Club Registrar for passing on to the team officials going to MTOC.  Passcards must be submitted to the BAYS Registrar in unburst condition.  The BAYS Registrar will stamp the passcards on the sheet of paper and return it to the registrar who will print in color, cut into individual passcards and laminate them.  Once that is done, they are given to the coach for MTOC.
  • If the BAYS President sends out an MTOC letter - read thoroughly and understand as it often contains last minute changes and details.
  • Review the Rules of the Competition - know that there are differences between BAYS Playing Rules and MTOC Playing Rules.  One example is that in Grade 6, BAYS allows a goalkeeper distribution to go anywhere on the field.  At MTOC, a goalkeeper distribution entering the opposing team's penalty area in the air without touching the ground outside the area is an infraction.  The timekeeping rules and rain out rules are different.  Review them.
  • Discipline - note that if your team receives 2 ejections for any reason, that game becomes a forfeit.  If you as a coach receive an ejection, you are done for the tournament, not just for coaching the team you received the ejection for but for all teams for the remainder of the tournament.  Don't do it.



Link for Roster Photo Addendum:


Link for BAYS Team Photo ID Sheet

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David Dalrymple BAYS Registrar

Passcard forms issued by US Youth Soccer may be used for players participating in certain BAYS Age Groups. Teams participating in tournaments outside of the BAYS compeition may need to produce passcards for non-BAYS tournaments.  SportsConnect produces acceptable passcards for most tournaments

Passcards (or alternatively Player Photo ID sheets) are required for all teams entering the BAYS playoffs and all teams qualifying for MTOC.

The following instructions apply to the official passcard, which is located on the left-hand side of the sheet. The right-hand "membership" card should be detached; it can be discarded or given to players as an acknowledgement of their US Youth Soccer membership.  All information on the front of the card must be typed. Handwritten passcards are not allowed.  USYSA does allow passcards to be printed on non-pre-printed forms

Front of passcard:

Member: PLAYER
Name: Player's name 
Year of Birth: Required for players only  (some older formats would print the entire birthdate but eligibility is determined only from year of birth) 
Team: Name of town organization (e.g., BROOKLINE SOCCER CLUB)

Rest of items on front should be left blank

Back of passcard: 
Player signature is not required.

A recent head-and-shoulders, color photograph must be glued in the space provided or color printed as part of the printing process (do not use staples, tape, or a heat sensitive glue such as Elmer’s). The town registrar must sign on the line labeled "Registrar Signature/Stamp." This signature attests that the photograph belongs to the person named on the card and that the player year of birth has been verified.

Final steps:

Laminate the card. This can be done at many copy shops, or you can buy an inexpensive laminator and laminating sleeves at larger office supply stores. The proper size laminating sleeve is 2-5/8 inches x 3-7/8 inches (military size). CARDS MUST BE LAMINATED! Player passcards do not require any season validation sticker. If the passcard is to be used at MTOC, League registrar signature or sticker must be on the passcard.

Passcards may be re-used from year to year, provided that the photograph remains recognizable.