Replacement Game Process for Assignors

The Replacement Game(RG) process should be used for games where referees showed up but the game did not start or was not completed. It ensures that those referees get paid and a new replacement game can be created, if needed.

It is started automatically when a Center Referee indicates on a filed game report that either:

  • The game did not kick off


  • The game did not go to full time.

If either of those situations are noted by the CR in the game report, a notification was triggered and sent to the assigned BAYS Division Director. The game is placed in a PENDING status until it is resolved. This means that it no longer shows up on the team’s schedule page so it appears as if a team has one fewer game on its schedule.

It is the Division Director’s responsibility to make a determination if the game results should stand and order NO REPLAY or if the game should be marked non-counting and be REPLAYED in its entirety. It is not an option to resume play from when a game was stopped before full time.

At times, the Division Director may not resolve the pending game situation promptly, and to aid Assignors eager to get a rescheduled game booked, we provided them access to the RG button in their Game Management screens. 

Clicking the RG button sends another notice to the Division Director to remind them to resolve the pending game so that a replacement game gets created.

Alternatively, it can be used to ask for a replacement game if an assignor becomes aware of an incomplete game before the CR has a chance to file their game report to start the process that way.