MTOC Information

MTOC wildcards were established at the April 2019 Leagues Committee Meeting.  Until then, very little planninig can be done,  The Leagues Committee establishes the dates for MTOC.  MTOC will be the weekend of June 28-30, 2019.

BAYS playoffs will start on Monday June 17, 2019 with any tiebreakers needing resolution having games on Sunday June 16th. Teams should be prepared to play during that week with the final games to be held on or before Saturday June 22 (unless a rainy playoff week).  Games will only be moved for the most exceptional circumstances. MTOC starts on Friday June 28th with semi-finals and finals on Sunday June 30.

About MTOC

The Massachusetts Tournament of Champions (MTOC) is a season-ending tournament sponsored by Mass Youth Soccer that brings together age/gender group champions from participating travel leagues. Each of these leagues establish their own guidelines, including league playoffs, to determine their representatives to this tournament. The leagues that participate in MTOC are:

  • Berkshire
  • BAYS
  • Coastal
  • Essex
  • MAYS
  • Middlesex
  • Nashoba
  • Pioneer Valley
  • South Coast 
  • South Shore

The Age Brackets are:

  • Grade 6 Div 1 (9v9 no heading)
  • Grade 6 Div 2 (9v9 no heading)
  • Grade 8 Div 1
  • Grade 8 Div 2
  • Grade 10 Div 1
  • Grade 10 Div 2
  • PG Div 1 (Post Graduate)

Each gender has the same age groups.  Most age groups are broken into 3 flights of 4 teams (there are wildcards awarded to fill out the brackets).  Teams play a 3 game round robin with the winner of each flight and a wildcard with the best record among non-winners advance to the semi-finals.  In some cases it may be 2 flights of 4 teams or two flights of 5 teams.  In those cases the top 2 move to the semi-finals.

For more details, aimed at the team coach and club registrar check the menu item MTOC team considerations or click here.