Referee Required Pay Forms

First, thank you for refereeing in BAYS. We could not offer all the games the league schedules without you!

BAYS is working with a new payment partner, SX Business Services, to process all referee payments. You have the option of being paid by direct deposit via EFT/ACH (electronic funds transfer) or by paper checks. No game level details will be included in either pay method. Login and look in your My BAYS -> Referee -> Pay History menu for all game details for either ACH or Check payments.

Attached near the bottom of this page under File: are the two required forms to be completed, signed, and returned: 

  • Referee Payment Method Selection Form:
    • Indicate either EFT/ACH for direct deposit or CHECK
    • Basic information including name, address, and email for the REFEREE
    • Bank information including:
      • Bank routing number (instructions are included on how to find this)
      • Bank account number (either checking or savings)
  • A W-9 tax form (only information on the first page must be completed and returned). This government form is required to verify the referee's SSN and legal name.
    • Full LEGAL name (no nicknames)
    • Federal tax classification (e.g. individual)
    • Mailing home address
    • Social Security number
    • SIGNATURE and date  

Referees under the age of 18 are able to sign both forms for themselves.

SX must receive and process the completed forms before ANY games can be assigned to you this season or payments processed. That means that until your signed W-9 and payment method selection forms are completed, BAYS cannot assign or pay you! 

We really encourage you to select direct deposit if possible. It is a much faster way for you to receive your payments and eliminates a lot of the hassles with mailed paper checks. If you want to change your payment method once you already submitted a selection, simply fill out another Payment Method Selection Form and resubmit it.

  • You can be paid faster since the money will go directly into your bank account.
  • You will not have to worry about replacing lost or old checks.
  • You can still see your Referee Pay History on the BAYS website.

Complete and sign the forms: then return them via ONE of the methods below ASAP:

  • FAX forms to: 781-634-0432
  • Mail forms to: 

SX Business Services
661 Pleasant Street - Suite 250
Norwood, MA 02062

Another alternative is to find one of the prior emails sent to the referee(not a parent) that would have included an electronic DocuSign packet with those same forms included. Search for the emails: From: SX BUSINESS SERVICES INC <[email protected]>. It may be easier to find those electronic forms since you are able to submit them directly through the DocuSign capability. 

Only return the forms through one method please.

We appreciate your work and want you to continue to have a good experience refereeing in BAYS.