Referee Recruitment Letter

Here is an example of a letter that can be adapted and used to recruit NEW referees from your existing youth soccer community.

Feel free to customize. Be sure to add on the unique benefits that your town offers, such as paying for certification courses, or referee kit reimbursement, or describing your town referee pay supplements or loyalty/bonus program.


Your Club Name is looking to add to our Referee Team – ALL Players, Parents, Coaches, and Board Members (aged +14) are Welcome!

Benefits of Becoming a Certified Referee:

  • Money:  Flexible, fun job with starting pay of $35.00/game. 7v7 referees earn $40.00/game!
  • Friendships:  Working with peers in a supportive environment
  • Community:  Giving back toYour Club Name soccer players by providing a safe, fair, and fun environment for them to compete
  • Growth:  Referees gain confidence, strong leadership qualities, and great communication skills
  • Future:  Looks great on college applications / job resumes
  • Love of the game:  Enhance your own understanding of soccer to improve your own game
  • Family Bonding: If a parent and a teenager both get certified, they can remain involved in the youth soccer game and share a new set of experiences on the field now that the parent coach/player time has ended.


Go to: - steps-to-become-referee for easy, step by step directions to become a referee! 

  1. Create an account and enroll in one of the New Grassroots Referee – Entry Level courses:
    • Courses get added all the time so be sure to check frequently. MSRC Course Schedule
    • Pay the $115 registration fee 
  2. Be sure to Register ASAP for one of the Field Sessions as they are added, if you did not enroll in an all-inclusive course
    • If we have enough new referees, MSRC will try to schedule a session near our town.
  3. Create an account on U.S. Soccer Learning Center:
  • Directions are on Mass Ref (on the Steps to Become a Referee page), including a YouTube video
  • Use the same email as your Mass Ref account – this will link your accounts for flow of information
  • Complete the pre-course online study modules 
  • Watch the video on Intro to Safe Playing Environments
  • If over 18, complete the online background check and the SafeSport Certification

If you plan to earn certification, please email me at  so I can add your name to my New Referee Certification Tracker. I am happy to provide any necessary support as you work your way through the process.

We look forward to having you on our Your Town Soccer Referee Team!   

Your Name
Referee Assignor
Your Town