2023 Presidents' Cup Finals Matches


Congratulations to all the participants! Good Luck!

All games are played at the Wheelock School fields in Medfield: 

17 Elm Street
Medfield, MA 02052

Field # Map for Wheelock School Fields

Presidents' Cup Finals Game Schedule for Saturday, June 17 in Medfield  
Division Home Team Away Team Date Time Field
B6 Red     Sat 17-Jun 8:30 AM MDF 1
B5 Blue     Sat 17-Jun 8:30 AM MDF 2
G5 Green     Sat 17-Jun 8:30 AM MDF 3
G6 Red     Sat 17-Jun 8:30 AM MDF 4
B8 Blue     Sat 17-Jun 9:00 AM MDF 5
G8 Blue     Sat 17-Jun 9:00 AM MDF 6
B6 Blue     Sat 17-Jun 10:00 AM MDF 1
B5 Green     Sat 17-Jun 10:00 AM MDF 2
B5 Red     Sat 17-Jun 10:00 AM MDF 3
G5 Red     Sat 17-Jun 10:00 AM MDF 4
B8 Red     Sat 17-Jun 11:00 AM MDF 5
G8 Red     Sat 17-Jun 11:00 AM MDF 6
G5 Purple     Sat 17-Jun 11:30 AM MDF 1
G5 Blue     Sat 17-Jun 11:30 AM MDF 2
B5 Purple     Sat 17-Jun 11:30 AM MDF 3
G6 Blue     Sat 17-Jun 11:30 AM MDF 4


Presidents' Cup Rules:

No special tournament rosters and no "guest" players. Teams use their existing BAYS roster. 

Home team is the team that qualified first in the tournament. Since all matches are at a neutral site it is not meaningful. Home team will be the side to change colors(wear pinnies) if the jersey colors are too close.


No special rules during the game for Presidents' Cup except for determining an outcome. Standard BAYS Match Rules.

Regular Length used for Presidents' Cup Finals Games:

  • Grades 5 and 6:        2 x 30 minute halves
  • Grade 8:                    2 x 35 minute halves


If game is TIED at FULL TIME - All Grades 5, 6, and 8

  • Two full FIVE-MINUTE OVERTIME periods. No "golden goal"; no "sudden death".


  • The game is decided by penalties (penalty shootout). FULL IFAB RULES
  • Toss coin to choose ends
  • Toss coin to choose who kicks first (winner chooses first or second)
  • Best of five.
  • If tied after 5 kicks each, continue until one team has scored a goal more than the other from the same number of kicks

If, in the referee's sole discretion, there is a lack of sufficient daylight or poor weather or field conditions, the referee may direct the teams to proceed directly to penalty kicks at the conclusion of regular time and omit the overtime periods.


  • The winner of the penalty shoot-out is awarded one(1) goal which is added to the number of goals at the end of the overtime period to determine the winner. 
  • At the conclusion of the final match, both teams remain at the field for the presentation of the Cup and a team picture. 
  • Teams are asked to leave the game field after the picture so the next game may get underway. 
  • T-shirts will be given out to both teams in a package. To try on the T-shirts, please find an area separate from other teams. The team coach may go to the exchange table near the referee tent to exchange any T-shirts for a different size if needed.