Team Swaps Explained

Information for City/Town Organizations Regarding BAYS MIDSEASON TEAM SWAP GUIDELINES – Grades 3-8 and High School teams in 912 7v7, Grade 11, and Grade 12.

The BAYS team placement process results in appropriate placements for the vast majority of teams. However, despite the fact that BAYS has a placement system that is heavily based on the judgment, input and evaluation of teams by those who know them best–the town organizations–there are times when a team is significantly misplaced. For those teams, BAYS has a mid-season swap process designed to offer relief to the most seriously misplaced teams.

How Does the Process Work?

BAYS Division Directors monitor the competitive results in their assigned sections. After the third week of competition, they begin to review the results to determine if there are any teams that may have been seriously misplaced. If any teams are identified, the Division Director examines the sections above and below that team’s section to determine if there are any obvious swap partners. In most cases, swaps are initiated by BAYS. However, a town organization’s President, Registrar, or Travel Director may also contact the Division Director or appropriate BAYS Vice President to request that a team be moved. 

Once a team has been identified as a swap candidate, the Division Director will attempt to determine whether a swap is needed or warranted. The Division Director may discuss the possibility of a move with the team coach and the town’s Club President, Registrar, or Travel Director, and will also try to identify a “swap partner." For every team that is moved down, a team must be moved up. A swap cannot be made unless an appropriate swap partner can be found. 

Swaps are kept as simple as possible. Most involve two or three teams swapping sections to improve overall competitiveness. All swaps must be approved by the appropriate BAYS Director acting as a Swap Administrator.

The following BAYS Directors approve and implement the swaps in the listed areas. If you need to contact them directly, you can reach them through the BOD page

  • Swap Director Grades 9-12 All Divisions: David Gordon
  • Swap Director Grade 8 All Divisions:  Dick Penta
  • Swap Director Grade 6 All Divisions:  Mike Hazeltine
  • Swap Director Grade 5 All Divisions:  Melissa Maling
  • Swap Director Grade 4 All Divisions:  Evelyn Somers
  • Swap Director Grade 3 All Divisions:  Waymond Eng

When Do Swaps Take Place?

Conceivably, a swap could occur at almost any time during the season. However, the vast majority are scheduled to be effective in week 6 of the playing season. 

Are All Teams Eligible to be Swapped?

Again, this process is only intended to provide relief for the most seriously misplaced teams. BAYS will not engage in wholesale modifications to team section assignments except under the most extreme circumstances. BAYS rarely moves teams in Grades 6-8 Divisions 1 and 2, which are MTOC-eligible sections. High School sections also generally do not have many swaps, but they are possible.

What if I think my Team Needs a Section Change? 

If your team is seriously misplaced, you should first contact your town organization’s President, Registrar, or Travel Director. Swap requests that are initiated by a team will not be recognized unless they are approved by the town organization. The President, Registrar, or Travel Director should then contact your BAYS Division Director to request a swap.

What if BAYS has asked my Team to Swap with Another, but We’d Prefer to Stay in Our Current Section?

Teams that are contacted to participate in a swap should carefully consider the request being made. A change in your competitive section may be good for the players, accelerate their growth, and increase their enjoyment of the game. It also may allow you to make a better decision about their placement for the next competitive season. BAYS tries to craft swaps where both teams agree to the change. However, while you may certainly indicate that you would rather not make the change, you may NOT REFUSE to make the change if your Division Director indicates that it will be made. All section assignments are made by BAYS, and it reserves the right to change a team’s section assignment where it believes that the change will enhance competitive play. BAYS’ decision in this matter is final. 

What Should I do if my Team is Part of a Swap?

  1. Request a revised roster with your new section placement from your Registrar and make sure they provide one through the Roster Management system to the Division Director for your new section.
  2. Login to and use the blue envelope next to the coach names to contact all teams in your new section, especially your upcoming opponent, to exchange contact information and  confirm your revised game schedule. You should let your new opponents know how field closures are decided and communicated in your town. 
  3. Check your revised game schedule and play the listed games. It will still include games originally scheduled for a game week prior to the effective date of the swap, such as a postponed game against prior section opponents, even if it now falls after the effective swap date. 
  4. Confirm with your town organization that any changes to field and referee assignments will be made as soon as possible.
  5. Let your team parents know that there have been schedule changes that will affect game locations and times.

We’ve Been Asked to Participate in a Spring Season Swap, but my Team is Leading its Section. Will the Team Still Receive End-of-Season Awards? 

Awards are only given to section-winning teams during the spring season–none are given during the fall. If your team is asked to move during the spring and on the effective date of the swap it is leading its original section, the team WILL still receive the awards (tee shirts) that it would have received had it remained in and won its original section. Contact the Division Director of your original section by June 1 to confirm arrangements for the shipment of your team’s awards.

If We’ve Won or Lost All of Our Games, Does That Mean That We’ll be Moved?

Winning or losing your first five games or having a very positive or negative goal differential is not enough to make your team a swap candidate. Division Directors recognize that swaps are disruptive and will take all factors into consideration before suggesting that a team be moved. The swap process is not intended to benefit teams looking to fine tune their section assignments. It’s designed to provide relief for completely overwhelmed teams and to move those select teams that are completely overwhelming everyone else in their section.

When is a Team Swap “Official?”

Swaps are “official” when the updates/swaps are reflected on the BAYS website. Contact your Division Director if you have been informed that the swap has been approved but it is not shown on the BAYS website.

How Will I Receive Notice that the Swap has been Approved?

Generally, swap approvals are communicated to the involved coaches, club officers, and other Division Directors by the Division Director who is most directly involved in the swap  Once the appropriate BAYS Swap Administrator approves the swap request, a system confirmation notice will be sent by the BAYS website to the affected team coaches, section captains, club registrars, field schedulers, referees, and referee assignors. Contact your Division Director with any questions.