BAYS Playoffs Referee Advisory

BAYS Playoffs Match Advisory for Referees:


  1. Read THIS
  2. Wear referee shirt / black shorts / long, black (referee) socks 
  3. Wear BAYS RESPECT armband, if you have it.
  4. Make sure your current patch is visible.

Acton-Boxboro Lower Fields Map, 66 Hayward Road, Acton, MA 01720

Acton-Boxboro Leary Field Map, 15 Charter Road, Acton, MA 01720

Cambridge Danehy Field Map, 198 New St., Cambridge, MA 02138

Framingham Merchant Field Map, 99 Merchant Road, Framingham, MA 01702

Hopkinton Fruit Street Field Map, 29 Pratt Way, Hopkinton, MA 01748

Medfield Wheelock Fields Map, 17 Elm Street, Medfield, MA 02052 - NOTE: Field 7 was converted to be an 11v11 field although showing on the linked map as 7v7 field.

Wellesley Elm Bank Field Map, 900 Washington St, Wellesley, MA 02482

Watertown Victory Field Map, 40 Orchard St, Watertown, MA 02472


  1. Be at the field 30 minutes before the game time
  2. Check in with the BAYS Field Marshal
  3. Find the correct field for your specific game. Field maps linked above.
  4. Check the field and goals. Corner flags should be present.


  1. Check that ALL coaches (max of 3) are wearing their 2023-2024 CREDENTIALS 
    • Credentials are REQUIRED
  2. There MUST be at least one adult coach WITH a CREDENTIAL for each team to start the game 
  3. Report coaches who will not leave the sideline to the Field Marshal. 


  1. Check in the teams.
  2. Rosters - two paper copies
    • Must be signed by the coach
    • Must have BAYS League Registrar MTOC eligible stamp
    • Player Numbers must be listed - No Duplicates
    • Player photo IDs are NOT needed for the BAYS Playoffs
    • Players not present crossed off.
  3. Uniforms

    1. Should all be similar. If not, tell Field Marshal

  4. Safety check for players

    1. No earrings (even taped)


  1. FIFA Processional procedure (for FINALS Only

    • ​Walk out to center of field with ball 
    • Teams follow behind in separate, single lines 
    • At the center of the field, the teams line up either side of the ref crew facing the spectator sideline. 
    • Pause for 30-60 seconds (allow for pics) 
    • Teams go to their benches. 
    • CR could give one short blow of the whistle to signal the end of the procession time. 


  1. No special rules during the game for playoffs. Regular BAYS Match Rules
    • Keep up with play. 
    • Make calls. Consult ARs as needed.
    • Make sure EVERYONE knows what the call is.
    • Game must get to a result so teams will be trying extra hard.
    • Call fouls/foul throws-ins etc. as you see them.
    • Do not let things go, unless there is a clear advantage.

Length of Playoff Games:

  • Grade 6:        2 x 30 minute halves
  • Grade 8:        2 x 35 minute halves
  • Grade 10:      2 x 40 minute halves
  • Grade 12:      2 x 45 minute halves
  1. Playoff Resolution If game is TIED at FULL TIME

    1. BAYS PLAYOFFS (Grade 8, 10, and 12)

      1. Two full TEN-MINUTE OVERTIME periods

    2. BAYS PLAYOFFS (Grade 6)

      1. Two full FIVE-MINUTE OVERTIME periods


    1. The game is decided by penalties (penalty shootout). FULL IFAB RULES

  • Toss coin to choose ends
  • Toss coin to choose who kicks first (winner chooses first or second)
  • Best of five.
  • If tied after 5 kicks each, continue until one team has scored a goal more than the other from the same number of kicks

Notwithstanding the above provisions, at the end of regulation time the referee may decide, due to adverse weather or impending darkness, NOT to play any overtime and to proceed directly to penalties (penalty shootout).


  1. Report Red Card to Field Marshals
  2. Fill out game reports immediately