Decoding a Waiver Number

The first character is always “W” which indicates that the number is for a waiver.

The second character indicates the seasons that the waiver applies to: “A” for ALL (both Fall and the next Spring), “F” for Fall only and “S” for Spring only.

The third character indicates the last digit of the calendar year in which the waiver expires. The current options are “1” for 2021 indicating fall-only waivers and “2” for 2022 all-year waivers or spring only 2022.

The fourth character indicates the subtype of the waiver listed below in basic order of frequency: 

  • Under Match Rule 4.2 will have an “R” for Residency-based including Interleague
  • Under Match Rule 4.1.B will have an “G” for higher Grade (correct birth year but higher grade)
  • Under Match Rule 4.1.C will have an “A” for over-Age based waiver (correct grade but up to one year older than age limit)
  • Under Match Rule 4.4 will have an “S” for roster Size;
  • Under Match Rule 4.3 will have an “O” for Other since ADA waiver is rarely used

The final three numbers ### in the waiver code are a unique computer assigned number (meaning there will only be one waiver with the suffix 123 for each season).