Decoding a Waiver Number

In the Fall of 2010 a new waiver numbering system was introduced with modifications in Fall 2017 for new grade groups.

The Waiver System Numbering change was introduced to deal with two issues.

First most waivers granted in the fall are also good for the following spring - some are not. Also there was no way to tell what the waiver was for. The new system answers both those questions. The new system is the same number of characters but is of the form

  • WSYx-nnn
  • The first character is always “W” which indicates that the number is for a waiver.
  • The second character indicates the seasons that the waiver applies to. The options are “A” for all (both Fall and the next Spring), “F” for fall and “S” for spring.
  • The third character indicates the last digit of the year that the waiver expires in. The current options are “7” for 2017 indicating fall-only waivers and “8” for 2018 all-year waivers or spring only 2018.
  • The fourth character indicates the subject matter of the waiver. Waivers under bylaw 2 will have an “R” for residency-based; under bylaw 5B the character will be “G” for advance grade-based waiver (correct birth year but higher grade); under Bylaw 5C the character will be "A" for over-age based waiver (correct grade but up to one year older than age limit);  Bylaw 6 will be “S” for size (more than 22 on a full size team); and Bylaw 3 (ADA - rarely used) will be “O” for other.
  • nnn is still the same computer assigned sequential number and is not duplicated (meaning there will only be one waiver with the suffix 123 - not sequential for each type of waiver).

Pre 2010 waiver numbering

It used to be of the form WS##-nnn where W stood for waiver and S was the season the waiver was first granted - either F for Fall or S for Spring and ## were the last two digits of the year the waiver was granted. nnn was just a sequential three digit number that was assigned by the computer in the order the waiver numbers were requested.

David Dalrymple BAYS Registrar
Last Edit: 24-July-2017