Field Marshal Tip Sheet

This Field Marshal tip sheet is provided as a guideline to clubs if they choose to have field marshals attend their regular season BAYS games.

What to Wear:

  • Mass Youth Credential. Field marshals must be credentialed adults within the club organization. 

  • If you have club apparel consider wearing to denote your club affiliation more visibly.

  • If the field marshal is there more in support of the referees, club may consider coming at it from that perspective and have that person be a certified referee and wearing a referee uniform. Certified referees do not need to wearing a Mass Youth Credential.


Prior to the Match:

  • Field Marshals should familiarize themselves with the BAYS Match Rules

  • Introduce yourself to the referee crew and coaches as a ________________ club member and that you are the field marshal for the game.

  • Ensure the teams have what is needed to start an official game.

      All coaches on the team sideline (max of 3) are REQUIRED to be WEARING their valid current soccer year credential when they arrive on the team sidelines. (no electronic copies)

      Two PAPER copies (no electronic copies) of the official, approved roster must:

      • Be presented to the referee before the game starts

      • Be signed by the coach

      • List jersey numbers for all players (no duplicate numbers). May be handwritten.

      • Indicate players not in attendance by crossing them out

      • Have no added players written in

      • If the credentialed adult responsible for the team is not listed on the roster, then the substitute coach’s name needs to be entered on the roster. May be handwritten.

      • In the spring only, MTOC teams need rosters with a BAYS stamp, BAYS Registrar's name, and a date. 


During the Match:

  • Field marshals should not stand on/near the team sidelines since then the referees may perceive them to be part of the “team officials” which has a limit of 3 per game.

  • A quick / brief comment to a parent likely is ok. But if there is a major issue with parents / spectators that is not corrected with a brief comment then the field marshal should bring it to the team coach's attention. Ultimately it is the coach who is responsible for their parents / spectators. 


After the Match Kicks Off: 

  • Spend some time on the parent sideline.

  • Stand in one place for a few minutes and then move 10 or so yards towards the center and stand there for a bit and then move on. 

  • Cover the whole sideline in about 20 minutes. 

  • If there is a parent not showing proper decorum, then spend some time beside them and make sure you are in their line of vision so they know who you are and that you are there. 

  • If they continue then speak to them. If that doesn’t work then head over to the coach of the spectator and let them know someone is not a proud example of sportsmanship and let them handle it. 

  • Always try to make it to the center of the field on the team sideline at half and check the score with the referee crew and ask them if there is anything you need to keep an eye on. 

  • Then repeat for the second half. 


Conclusion of the Match:

  • Check in with the coaches and officials separately to see how the game went from their perspectives. 

  • If the coaches have sportsmanship compliments or concerns, advise them to fill out the BAYS game feedback report.

  • If the referees had concerns about coach, player, or spectator behaviors, advise them to fill out the ZT portion of their game report if indicated.


Club Considerations:

  • Add a Field Note to all your field descriptions on the BAYS site that mentions the presence of the field marshal. Also provide a blurb about it for your coaches to include in their Pre-game communication with opponents. 

  • Enforce other club policies, such as No Dogs allowed on fields or other issues.