BAYS Match Rule 5 – Player Passcards or Team Photo ID Sheet(s)

Player passcards or team photo ID sheet(s) are required in the spring season only for all teams participating in the BAYS Playoffs for MTOC.

No passcards or team photo ID sheet(s) need to be shown for any teams during the BAYS regular spring season.

Passcards or team photo ID sheet(s) must have a current color headshot photograph. Please refer to instructions on the BAYS website regarding passcard and team photo ID sheet requirements. For all BAYS Playoff games where player passcards or team player photo ID sheet(s) are required, each player or the team coach will present either the player passcards or the team photo ID sheet(s) to the referee along with the team’s official roster. A player must have either the required player passcard or their picture included in the team photo ID sheet(s) in order to play in the game.

The referee shall return the player team photo sheet(s) or the player passcards to the coach after checking the players into the game. If a team does not have its passcards or team photo ID sheet(s) by the end of the 15-minute grace period, the game cannot be officially played. 

Passcards or team photo ID  sheet(s) shall be produced, issued, and signed by the club registrar or other authorized club official in accordance with procedures published by the BAYS Registrar