Spring 2023 Sportsmanship Awards

The BAYS Sportsmanship Award is presented each season to teams selected by the Sportsmanship Award Committee from a pool of submissions received from members of the BAYS community. Winning teams receive special Sportsmanship Award Winner T shirts and have their team picture posted on the BAYS website in recognition of this honor. 

While BAYS expects all of its members to practice good sportsmanship, we believe examples of outstanding sportsmanship should be recognized and rewarded. 

To recommend a team, please go to My Bays | Coach/Manager or Referee | Sportsmanship Nomination 

During the Spring 2023 season, we received numerous nominations from both referees and opposing coaches that described various examples of outstanding sportsmanship.

After reviewing all of the submissions, the committee selected the following three winners:

  • Girls 8 4B: Weston United. Coaches: Kelly DAmaro and Annica MacDonald

Reason for the nomination: After the Marlboro goalkeeper suffered an injury, Weston coaches and players huddled for a group "Feel better!” cheer before leaving the field. They followed up later on in the week and sent a kind note and an edible arrangement to the player to let her know they were all thinking of her.

  • Boys 3 3/C: Marlboro Panthers. Coaches: John Lewitus and Caitlin Hynes

Reason for the nomination: The Mansfield team was placed in the wrong section. When they discussed their record with the Marlboro coach, whose team was undefeated, he empathized and said he would move players around to make the game more competitive. The Mansfield team ended up winning the game (6-5) and the Marlboro players continued to play with good sportsmanship.

  • Girls 4 3/F: Watertown Flame. Coaches: William Stirling and Kristin Stirling

Reason for the nomination: The Watertown coaches displayed great sportsmanship during the game, cheering for both teams. They brought a thank-you card and asked players and coaches of both teams to sign it, and gave it to the referee after the game even though it wasn’t Referee Appreciation Day. They also did this at all of their other games.

Exhibiting and employing sportsmanship is at the very core of the BAYS philosophy: “...to provide an atmosphere of good sportsmanship to encourage all to compete, learn, and enjoy the game of soccer.” Congratulations to this year’s winners. May you continue to be an outstanding example for all of our teams. 

BAYS Sportsmanship Award Committee

Steve Smoller (Chair)
Gesse Faber
Karen Young


Weston United - Girls Grade 8
Weston United - Girls Grade 8

Marlboro Panthers - Boys Grade 3

Watertown Flames - Girls Grade 4