Fall 2022 Sportsmanship Awards

The BAYS Sportsmanship Award is presented each season to teams selected by the Sportsmanship Award Committee from a pool of submissions received from members of the BAYS community. Winning teams receive special Sportsmanship Award Winner T shirts and have their team picture posted on the BAYS website in recognition of this honor. 

While BAYS expects all of its members to practice good sportsmanship, we believe examples of outstanding sportsmanship should be recognized and rewarded. 

To recommend a team, please go to My Bays | Coach/Manager or Referee | Sportsmanship Nomination 

During the Fall 2022 season, we received several nominations from both referees and opposing coaches that described various examples of outstanding sportsmanship.

After reviewing all of the submissions, the committee selected the following two winners:

  • Boys 3 4A:  Ashland Hawks. Coaches:  Juan Flores, Daniel Pareene, and Ian Medernach

From the nomination: “It was a lopsided game, with Ashland being dominated for a fair amount of the game. The Ashland coaches were so positive, encouraging, and supportive. They were patient and flexible, coaching through the rain and working with the small-sized roster that they had.  They complimented players on both teams ("great throw" etc.) and encouraged their players to play the game fairly and respect the calls on the field. I've officiated nearly 500 games at all levels of both youth and adults, and these coaches stand out                      

  • Boys 5 4/G:  Belmont Union. Coaches:  Aaron Pikcilingis and Joe Bernard  (no picture available)    

From the nomination: “Even though their team was being outplayed, and behind in the score, the Belmont coach was always positive, and continued to encourage the players.  This encouragement seemed to have a positive impact on his team.  They kept playing hard and I noticed some comments from the players such as, "keep going" and "we'll get it back". What stood out for me was that the coach also praised the opposing team for good plays. Not just the goalkeeper for making good saves, but field players for good tackles and other plays. The Belmont coach’s positive comments were so noticeable that after the game I commended him for his excellent sportsmanship comments for the opposing team. His response was, “I can't keep quiet so I might as well be positive.” I’ve been refereeing for many years and rarely nominate a coach or team. 

The Sportsmanship Committee also recognizes the following teams for honorable mentions:

  • Girls 5 3/E: Wayland Cyclone, Coaches: Lesley Stewart, Eric Bell, and Elisabeth Rainge 

  • Boys 8 4/D1: Needham Bolts, Coaches: Slim Sassi, Kevin Scheper, and Brendan Cashman

  • Boys 5 3/E: Winchester Panthers, Coaches: Johannes Kraijesteijn and Don Schuerman  

Exhibiting and employing sportsmanship is at the very core of the BAYS philosophy: “...to provide an atmosphere of good sportsmanship to encourage all to compete, learn, and enjoy the game of soccer.” Congratulations to this year’s winners. May you continue to be an outstanding example for all of our teams. 

BAYS Sportsmanship Award Committee

Steve Smoller (Chair)
Gesse Faber
Karen Young

Ashland Hawks - Boys Grade 3