Coronavirus Update - 3/11/2020

Hello All Town Presidents, Registrars, Referee Assignors, and Treasurers,

I’ve had lots of conversations with people throughout the soccer community about COVID-19 and when the season will start. At this point, the soccer community is unanimous about starting the season on time unless conditions change. Obviously, we will continue to monitor the situation and change course as necessary. But, as of this moment, for all of our leagues, it is business as usual.

Laws of the Game Change Summary - 2020

On July 1, 2019 amendments to the Laws of the Game (LOTG) were introduced by IFAB and adopted by FIFA. 

Beginning with the Spring 2020 season, BAYS is adopting the LOTG amendments, with some BAYS modifications as noted. Referees will be expected to understand the current LOTG and to apply them in the matches they officiate. Coaches should also familiarize themselves with these new laws.

Spring 2019 BAYS Sportsmanship Awards

Wellesley Avengers girls’ Grade 5 team, coached by Tara Ventura and assisted by Kristen Walsh and Michael Flagg


Nominations can be submitted by referees and opposing coaches this season for teams that exhibit examples of outstanding sportsmanship. The deadline to submit nominations is 5 pm, Sunday, November 17, 2019.
After considering all of the submissions, and investigating the comments received, the committee will select the team(s) to receive the Fall 2019 BAYS Sportsmanship Award.  
It should be noted that to be nominated teams should demonstrate outstanding sportsmanship throughout the season and that both coaches’ and parents’ conduct should be considered as well.
In order to submit a nomination, please click on the link along the left margin of the home page labeled “team sportsmanship nomination” and complete the form you will be taken to.

Steve Smoller
Chairman, BAYS Sportsmanship Award Committee