ZT Violation Impact - Referee Quotes

Listed below are some direct quotes from Referees capturing what impact ZT violations have on them:


“The money that I earn for refereeing games is almost never worth the yelling, arguing, and the questioning of my calls.” 

“I am still shaking as I write this report. It was really scary!”

“I was afraid to leave until after all of the spectators left.” 

“I know that coach. He is my friend’s dad. He isn’t like that in real life. Please don’t tell him I sent this report. I don’t want my friends to be mad at me.” 

“I was so afraid to make a mistake after they yelled at me that I stopped blowing my whistle. The more they yelled, the more I couldn’t think or make calls! I don’t think I should ref anymore.”

“If the spectators know what all of the calls should be, why don’t they become referees? It’s not as easy as it looks when you’re on the field.”

“It’s not always the loud, shouting calls that affect me the most, it’s the under-the-breath, passive aggressive comments that are sometimes worse.”

“It’s challenging to do my job when I have to also worry about intolerant behavior coming at me from all sides of the field.”


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