MTOC Draw and Schedule for 2022

I have received a few questions about the MTOC schedule.  MYSA publishes the schedule usually before the first weekend in June.  It may be viewed on the MYSA website.There are two designations for teams in the draw. Regular slot and wild card.  Wild cards are chosen to round out the field to a multiple of four since there is a three game round robin on the first two days or the tournament.  On the MTOC seeds there is a column with a four digit MTOC team identifier.  The firs digit is the grade group 2 is grade 6 (old 12U) 4 is grade 8, 6 is grade 11 and 8 is grade 12/PG.  The second digit is the division - 1 or 2.  The last two digits 01-12 are for the boys and 51-62 are for the girls. Teams xx51, xx52, xx53 and xx54 are in Flight A and will play each other once.  Look at the MTOC rules to determine who makes it to the semi-finals on Sunday.  If three flights it is the three winners and a wildcard (second team from one of the flights)  

To see which leagues you will be playing - look your MTOC ID up here two sheets - boys than girls

Next look up your schedule here note that it is color coded for the different age groups/divs

Please note that it is not final.  Reg Wilcox, the BAYS President will be collecting any school conflicts (e.g. if your school is in session on Friday, Friday morning games may be shifted to late Friday or Saturday).  and working with MTOC scheduling to resolve.  Please work problems through him, calling the scheduler won't do you any good, they only talk to Presidents.

That is also one reason why we collected team coaching personnel cell phones so we can let you know of late bbreaking changes.

Best of luck to all our BAYS representatives at MTOC