2022 BAYS MTOC Representatives

This grid will be populated as BAYS MTOC Representatives are determined.  The MTOC ID is the key to deciphering your schedule at MTOC


MTOC 2022








 G06 D1 A1 733 2153  Medfield Warriors 6G  Robert Manning  
 G06 D2 B 30752 2257  Arlington G6 Spirit  Travis Baggett  
 B06 D1 A 11254 2106  Lexington Raptors  Nick Brandon  
 B06 D1 W/C 2A 11822 2104  Franklin Panthers  Jill Sullivan  
 B06 D2 A 2971 2209  Brookline Santos  Andrew Sell   
 G08 D1 A 6180 4161  Natick Strikers  Cezar Wislocki Wasecki  
 G08 D2 A 31037 4251  Walpole Trouble  Joe Marerro  
 G08 D2 W/C A 10326 4258  Franklin Panthers  Kurt Lovell   
 B08 D1 A1 6237 4111  Natick United  Ken Boggis  
 B08 D2 A 30501 4201  Arlington B8 Coyotes  David Dolan  
 G11 D1 A 30859 6157  Walpole Wolfpack D1  Michael St. George  
 G11 D2 A 30847 6256  West Roxbury/Parkway United Blue  Sean Cremin  
 B11 D1 A1 32702 6102  Franklin Strikers  Bjorn Dragsbaek  
 B11 D1 W/C A2 32724 6112  Needham Thunder  Lee Popper  
 B11 D2 A2 30870 6201  Arlington B11 Madness  Hogie Fritsch  
 G12/PG D1 A 30858 8157  Walpole Timberwolves   Kevin Bock  
 B12/PG D1 A 30869 8102  Arlington B12 Ponders  Will Clossey  


Decoding MTOC IDs  The four digit number has three fields.  The first character refers to the age group

2 = 12U or Grade 6

4 = 14U or Grade 8

6 -  Grade 11

8 - Grade 12/PG

The second character refers to the division either 1 or 2 (Grade 12/PG is only Div 1)

The last two digits are sequence numbers 1-12 for boys when 3 flights of 4 - less if smaller competition.  Girls are 51-62 when 3 flights of 4.