BAYS Sportsmanship Award Recipients

BAYS expects all of its members to practice good sportsmanship. We believe examples of outstanding sportsmanship should be recognized and rewarded and created the BAYS Sportsmanship Award. The Award is given in both the fall and the spring BAYS season.

Sportsmanship Award nominations are received from referees and opposing coaches during the season. From these nominations, the Sportsmanship Award Committee determines which teams will be presented with the BAYS Sportsmanship Award. It should be noted that teams are recognized for demonstrating outstanding sportsmanship throughout the season.

Teams that earn the award receive special Sportsmanship Award T shirts and a team picture will be posted here in recognition of this honor.

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Arl gr 5

Arlington Boys’ Grade 5 team, the Marauders, coached by Dennis Connelly, assisted by Michael Cooper, Alex Howard, and John Lewis,





Concord-Carlisle Fire Boys Grade 5 team coached by Scott Forsberg and Philip Morris



Acton-Boxborough Eagles Girls Grade 12 team coached by Elizabeth Schutsky and Michael Maimone




The team is:


Natick boys grade 7/8 team, coached by Robert Bauer assisted by Kevin Johnson and Jeanette Christensen.





The three teams are:


The Winchester United girls U-11 team, coached by Kevin Kelcourse



The Newton Grizzlies girls U-11 team coached by Brendan Everett


(No PIcture Submitted)


The Arlington Ponders boys U-18/19 team, coached by Sahag Kavlakian.








The Arlington Girls U-10 Crushers team,

coached by Luci Dyer Tarquinio, Steve Sanzo and Henry Brush.








The Natick Girls U-18 team, coached by Tracy Coffman, and

(no picture submitted)

The Attleboro Thunder Boys U-18 team, coached by Adam Sims.


                     Spring 2014















Weston Strikers GU-14 team, coached by Rob Mosher,

Natick Hurricanes BU-12 team, coached by Steeve Breton.