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Records for Jamaica Plain Soccer - By Gender - Age - Division - Section

Below you will find the standings of all teams part of Jamaica Plain Soccer.

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SN # Team Field W-L-T-F PTS GF GA GD Coach Asst Coach
GIRLS-14 2/G 63 Panthers
0 Jose Mantilla Josh Habib
GIRLS-12 3/E 248 Jaguars
0 Angela Serig Ben Wetherill
GIRLS-11 3/C 3349 Tigers
0 Gillian Haney Nini Diana
GIRLS-10 3/K 3605 Bobcats
0 Dan Serig Angela Serig
BOYS-14 3/D 2255 Falcons
0 Stijn Van Even
BOYS-12 3/L 2257 Dynamo
0 Ben Madden Ben Brady

Organizational Members

Title Name Phone Email
President Jon Rudzinski (617) 323-4786 E-mail
Registrar Deborah Avant (617) 876-5132 E-mail
Registrar Dick Williams (617) 872-4929 E-mail
Referee Assignments Dick Williams (617) 872-4929 E-mail
Field Scheduler Dick Williams (617) 872-4929 E-mail
Treasurer Barbara Shaw 617-524-7555 E-mail
Girls Director Jon Rudzinski (617) 323-4786 E-mail
Boys Director Ben Madden (617) 549-5340 E-mail