Advisory Information for Coaches and Managers

Prior to game day

  • Coaches must contact their opponents to verify game time, field location, and jersey colors. If jersey colors conflict, the home team must use a different color jersey or pinnie.
  • Make sure your parents and players are familiar with the BAYS Zero Tolerance policy.

Referee pre-game check-in – Prior to the game, the referee will check the following items:

  • Goals – Both goals must be properly anchored.
  • Coaching Credential – All Coaches (up to 3 allowed on the team sideline) must bring a govenment-issued photo ID(electronic copy accepted) to present to the referee to be validate vs the listing on a team roster.
  • Player passcards – In the spring season, if player passcards are required for your division (see Law 8), each player must have a passcard with a recognizable photograph.
  • Rosters – Each team must have two copies of its BAYS game roster. Before you give the rosters to the referee, please add or correct shirt numbers, cross out any missing players, and sign the form. Players not listed on the printed roster may not play; no handwritten additions are permitted.
  • Player kits – All players will be checked for unsafe items. Please make sure your players are familiar with the prohibition on jewelry (Law 4).

During the game– We want our BAYS games to be positive and enjoyable experiences for everyone. The example you set, with respect to sportsmanship, fair play, observance of our zero tolerance rule, and enjoyment of the game, will greatly influence your players and their families.

After the game – Coaches must report the game score to their section captain, who will post the scores to the BAYS website.

Questions and problems – All questions and problems regarding game postponements and rescheduling; validity of rosters; forfeits and abandoned matches; and interpretation of the BAYS bylaws and playing rules should be referred to the BAYS division director assigned to your team’s section. Division director assignments and contact information are listed on the BAYS website. Please note that section captains have NO responsibility or authority in any of these matters; section captains are responsible ONLY for posting reported scores.