C-C Freedom

Team Details
The team ID is 545
The team color is Burgundy/Black
The team home field is CON CCHS Turf 2B
Team Standings
WLTFPTSGFGA+/-Home WHome LHome THome GFHome GAAway WAway LAway TAway GFAway GA
Team Schedule
Game #Game TimeFieldHome TeamScoreAway TeamNotes
22824/6/19 11:45am17A AB Lower FIelds (Turf) 9v9A-B Motion2 - 2C-C Freedom
22855/6/19 6:00pmCushingC-C Freedom4 - 0Belmont G5-2 Hawks
22896/7/19 6:00pmCushingC-C Freedom1 - 2Lincoln Lightning
22906/8/19 1:00pmCCHS Turf 1C-C Freedom0 - 0Weston Tigers
22945/4/19 11:45amCCHS Turf 2BC-C Freedom0 - 0Natick Nightmares
22975/11/19 11:45amCCHS Turf 2BC-C Freedom0 - 6A-B Motion
23015/18/19 9:00amGrove St. (4A)Belmont G5-2 Hawks2 - 4C-C Freedom
23046/1/19 12:15pmTown Office FieldLincoln Lightning3 - 1C-C Freedom
23066/8/19 11:45amCCHS Turf 2BC-C Freedom0 - 0Weston Tigers
23096/15/19 11:45amElm Bank Field 3B (9v9)Natick Nightmares3 - 1C-C Freedom
Coaching Staff
Assistant Coach: Eric Fleming
Manager: None
Organization Members
Club PresidentLauree Cameron Eckler978-318-0800Contact
Club RegistrarHeidi Kidder978-371-5522Contact
Referee AssignorSteve Robinson(978) 776-6123Contact
Field SchedulerRobin Garrison(617) 821-6207Contact
Club Director
Boys Director
Girls Director