Spring 2021 Key Dates for Planning

Spring 2021

Celebration of Soccer

The Spring 2021 Season should continue to be more about celebrating the kids playing the game, than results.

Season Requirements, Modifications, Guidance

BAYS and each BAYS organization is responsible for following the regulations and guidance of the following entities in structuring and playing in the Spring 2021 season

  • Massachusetts Youth Soccer 

  • Centers for Disease Control & Mass. Department of Health
  • Federal and state authorities

  • Local Town Board of Health

Season Considerations

Spring 2021 will be issued as a 10 game season with tiered divisions and sections of registered teams. We understand some BAYS towns may not be playing in the league.

  • Towns provide the same placement inputs for teams: Division requested (1-4), Hi-Med-Lo evaluated skill, Ordinal Rank, Comments
    • If teams are requesting placement in an MTOC-eligible division, all MTOC requirements must be met since we will not know at the time of registration whether or not the MTOC Tournament will be allowed to be held given COVID restrictions at the time.
  • BAYS will rely on these town placement inputs and prior team records to decide section compositions

  • Geographic considerations will weigh heavily to try to keep teams local

    • We will determine if team swaps are allowed closer to the spring season and allow them if at all possible. 

Key Dates - Youth Teams Grades 3-8

Spring Season 2021  
Team Registration 3-8 Opens 1/11
Team Registration 3-8 CLOSES @ 12:00 noon 2/1
Placement Committee 3-8 2/4
Initial Placement meeting 3-8 2/10
Initial Placements posted 3-8 2/12
Placement Changes 3-8 2/12-3/1
Placement Committee - Revised Placements 3/1
General Placement Meeting 3/3
Final Placements Posted 3/5
Field Sharing - Grade 3-8 3/5-3/12
Spring Schedule Posted Grade 3-8 3/19
Division Directors Assigned - Roster Dashboard Open 3/19
Start of Spring 2021 for Grades 3-8 4/10
MTOC Roster Freeze Date 5/12
End of Spring 2021 for Grades 3-8 6/12