Preliminary MTOC Schedule Available

The preliminary MTOC schedule is available on the MYSA web site.  For those of you wanting to start planning:

Step one Identify your MTOC ID.

    Look at the BAYS Playoff Seed page on the BAYS web site under the tournaments tab and see what bracket you are in - in some slots we have a wild card.  Let's say you are Boys Grade 6 Division 2 and are the first place team in section E.  From the BAYS Playoff seeds page we see that if you win the playoffs you will be the B06D2 Wildcard or WC

    Go to the MTOC seeds table and you will see the MTOC ID assigned. In this example it is 2208

Look at the preliminary game schedule on the MYSA web site

and click on the schedule and the Excel file comes up.  We see that 2208 plays Friday at 10 AM on field 7B, Friday at 2:30 on field 7B and Saturday at 10 AM on on field 7A.

Again subject to change.  Keep checking the MYSA web site as we get closer.  Typically the "final" one is posted sometime the Thursday before....

I expect no changes between now and the Monday before as leagues are still choosing their champions.  Should you have a conflict, only Tony Loftis the BAYS President can bring it up and see remediation.  I am not expecting any school conflicts as this year MTOC is so late.  But if you have a hardship that you think MTOC should change their schedule for - bring it up to Tony as he is the only one that can make the request.

David Dalrymple

BAYS Registrar

Last Update 20-June -2019