Modification to Make up Window for COVID reasons

Approved by the BAYS BOD on Wednesday May 11, 2022

The BAYS BOD voted to bring back the modification of the make up window for those games where one or both teams cannot field a team due to players with COVID or isolating due to potential exposure etc.

   For teams in non-MTOC sections the make up window is extended 5 weeks for those games IMPACTED by COVID, for games not impacted by COVID the current window of three weeks (the extended window for week 1 and 2 expires 5/15)

    For teams in MTOC sections, all games must be played by Saturday June 11 no matter what caused the postponement.  COVID postponements for the next two weeks will extend the make up window fo June 11.  The normal MTOC postponement rules for matches scheduled for May 28 and beyond is in effect - see Match rule 8 reschedule chart