BAYS Results from MTOC 2018

BAYS sent 19 teams to MTOC 2018 held June 22-24, 2018 at the State Fields in Lancaster.  Six teams were crowned champions, six teams lost in the finals, three teams lost in the seminfinal giving us 15 of our 19 teams making the semi-finals  Almost one quarter of the teams in the semifinals were from BAYS.  Two Finals were all BAYS and eight other finals involved one BAYS eams and six finals had no BAYS teams participating.

 We had three wild cards in addition to our regular 16 slots and in the age groups that we had wildcards both the wild card and the regular slot team made it to the final four and in every case, one BAYS team was eliminated by the other, two were in an all BAYS final (B06 D2 and B08 D2) and the thrd was an all BAYS semfinal in Bous 10 D1.

And as a first for this writer, we had a team pull out at 8:45 Friday morning giving BAYS a hefty fine.  Due to some hard work and scrambling among Ed McDonald, Ted Ritchie, Steve Smoller and Peter DeNatale, a Needham grade 8 team agreed to step up and take the girls grade 10 D1 slot.  In 4 hours they got a team together, paperwork done and made a 5 PM kick off to prevent a Nantucket team from traveling to have no opponent.  BAYS wishes to thank Needham and coach Jim McShane for stepping up with a younger team and taking the schedule over.  in an interesting side note, the official tournament results will list the games as three forfeits, had the results been allowed to stand - they would have won their division and made it to the final four displacing the eventual winner.  They played the eventual winner in group phase and defeated them 1-0.  They also took home the lone Sportsmanship Award for BAYS.  Congratualtions and great thenaks to Needham.

BAYS delegation was headed by Ed McDonald, President and a number of volunteers.  Assisting with Registration were Past President Dan Bielenin, Past President Dick Penta, Denis Cho & Joe D'Amico.  Heading the awards effort for final four and sportsmanship was Co-Vice President Lisa Wentworth with her dream team of Tony Loftis, Dick Penta, David Dalrymple, Steve Smoller, Ted Ritchie, Katie Bigelow, John Cresap, Kelly Kemp with photography by veteran Maddy Hill and rookie Lucas Martiros..

Levon was the referee assignor assisted by a number of BAYS referees that were unable to work many deserved finals due to the success of the BAYS teams. 

Below are the team summary and team pictures:


MTOC 2018








 G PG A1 6483 9157  Dedham Express  George Cariofiles  Champion
 G12 D1 A1 4646 8151  Franklin Lady Panthers  Lou Moccia  Champion
 G10 D1 * *  6153  Needham United  Jim McShane 

 *First Place Group A


 G10 D2 A 10732  6255  Walpole Rebels  John Thomsen  4th Place Group B
 G08 D1 AA 6138  4151  Natick G7/8 A1  Peter Henderson  3rd Place Group A
 G08 D2 A 2612  4255  Lexington United Blue Raptors  Todd Barrett  Semi-Finalist
 G06 D1 A2 4344  2155  Acton-Boxboro Lightning  Gary Sullivan  Finalist
 G06 D2 A 733  2253  Medfield Warriors  Patrick Deignan  Champion
 B PG B 4595  9102  Needham Thunder 12  Lee Popper  Finalist
 B12 D1 B 10707  8102  Natick HS Boys 12  Michael Davidson  Semi-Finalist
 B10 D1 A1 4660  6110  Arlington B10 Eagles  David Dolan  Finalist
 B10 D1 W/C A1 10731  6108  Walpole Pirates   John Thomsen  Semi-Finalist
 B10 D2 A2 10669 6203  Medway Mustangs  Daniel Olsen  Champion
 B08 D1 A 5852  4110  Newton Bolts  Andrew Hargens  2nd Place Group C
 B08 D2 A 10514 4211  Westwood Wolverines  Patrick Lombard  Finalist
 B08 D2 W/C B 10095 4204  Southborough Galaxy  Benjamin Deschaine  Champion
 B06 D1 A2 4523  2110  Needham Storm B6  Kenneth Keyes  Finalist
 B06 D2 A 944  2207  Framingham Revs  John Howard Jones  Finalist
 B06 D2 W/C B 5213  2212  Wellesley Revolution  William Corkhill  Champion


In Team Column

      Champion - overall winner of Age Group
  Finalist - Lost in the Finals - came in Second
  Semi-Finalist - made it to Final Four but lost in Semi-Final
  Did not make it to Final Four

In Coach Column

      Awarded the Sportsmanship Award for the Age Group

* Girls Grade 10 Needham replaced a BAYS team that pulled out 8 hours before the first game kicked off.  The nucleus of the team is the Needham Girls Grade 8 Division 1 team.  Since they did not have a conforming roster, the tournament committee declared their games forfeits. They went 2-0-1 including a victory over the eventual champion in the group phase.  BAYS wishes to express its deep appreciation for the team stepping up on short notice to fill the slot.

MTOC Team Pictures below:

Sportsmanship Winner



Girls Grade 10 Division 1 Needham United coached by Jimmy McShane



MTOC Representatives - 19 in all.

Teams Pictures Below:


Girls Grade 6 Division 1 Acton-Boxboro Lightning coached by Gary Sullivan, Stephen Korbly & Alycen Nigro



Girls Grade 6 Division 2 Medfield Warriors coached by Patrick Deignan and Brad Compston


NAtick gr8

Girls Grade 8 Division 1 Natick coached by Peter Henderson and Wendy Campana



Girls Grade 8 Division 2 Lexington United Blue Raptors coached by Todd Barett, Michael Sabin and Harold Payson



Girls Grade 10 Division 1 Needham United coached by Jimmy McShane


Walpole G10

Girls Grade 10 Division 2 Walpole Rebels coached by John Thomsen, Scott Richer and Randy Jackson



Girls Grade 12 Division 1 Franklin Lady Panthers coached by Lou Moccia and David Doherty



Girls Grade PG Division 1 Dedham Express coached by George Cariofiles and Jason DeAngelis


needham 6

Boys Grade 6 Division 1 Needham Storm coached by Ken Keyes, Jim Reddish and Matthew Ross



Boys Grade 6 Division 2 Framingham United Revs coached by John Howard Jones and Paul Walker



Boys Grade 6 Division 2 Wild Card Wellesley United Revolution coached by William Corkhill and Stephen Keresztes



Boys Grade 8 Division 1 Newton Bolts coached by Andrew Hargens, Wayne Levy and Thomas Hill



Boys Grade 8 Division 2 Westwood Wolverines coached by Patrick Lombard, Edward Vamenta and Robert Hanson



Boys Grade 8 Division 2 Wild Card Southboro Galaxy coached by Ben Deschaine and Jared Bouzan



Boys Grade 10 Division 1 Arlington B10 Eagles coached by David Dolan, Philip Ryan and Peter Jacob-Dolan


Walpole boys

Boys Grade 10 Division 1 Wild Card Walpole Pirates coached by John Thomsen and Vincent Colbert



Boys Grade 10 Division 2 Medway Mustangs coached by Daniel Olsen, Brian Gray and Lyle Core


Natick 12

Boys Grade 12 Division 1 Natick coached by Michael Davidson, Cliff Browning and William Chase


Needham 12

Boys Grade PG Division 1 Needham Thunder coached by Lee Popper, Matt Keenan and Tobin Kelly