2023 Planned Playoff Schedule (preliminary)

This is a preliminary grid with the planned games.  Games maybe moved due to school based conflict on the part of one opponent or due to rain forcing revamping of the schedule.  Once the bracket goes up, this becomes obsolete


Group Sun 6/11 Mon 6/12 Tue 6/13 Wed 6/14 Thu 6/15 Fri 6/16 Sat 6/17 Comments
G06 D1                None Needed
G06 D2   2 x Quarters    2 x Semis      1 Final  
B06 D1      1 Final          
B06 D2      2 x Quarters   2 x Semis    1 Final  
G08 D1                None Needed
G08 D2    2 x Quarters    2 x Semis      1 Final  
B08 D1      1 Final          
B08 D2      2 x Quarter    2 x Semis   1 Final  
G10 D1        1 Final        
G10 D2    2 x Semis    1 Final        Draw to post on Sunday
B10 D1                      Possible Final    Possible Final      
B10 D2      1 Final          
G12/PG        1 Final        
B12/PG          1 Final