4. Government

The governing body of BAYS shall be the Board of Directors (referred to as the Board hereafter) and shall consist of the following:

  • President
  • First vice-president
  • Second vice-president
  • Third vice-president
  • Fourth vice-president
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Ejection Secretary
  • Referees Representative
  • Registrar
  • Scheduling Manager
  • Immediate past President
  • U-9/U-10 Boys Administrator
  • U-9/U-10 Girls Administrator
  • Directors

The President, First, Second, Third, and Fourth vice-presidents, Secretary, Treasurer and Directors shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting.  They shall be elected for a one-year term and are eligible for reelection.

The President shall appoint a Referees Representative, Scheduling Manager, Registrar, Ejection Secretary and such additional minor officers as the Board deems necessary.  These appointments shall be confirmed by a two-thirds vote of the Board present and voting.  Vacancies in any of the officer positions shall be filled by this same procedure.

The number of Directors on the BAYS Board of Directors, for any given year, shall be fixed at the Annual General Meeting, as a preliminary to the election of Officers and Directors.

As a guideline, the authorized number of Directors should be based upon the number of teams registered in BAYS during the previous year, in the ratio of one Director for each 24 teams registered.

At any time, the President may appoint additional Directors, with the concurrence of a majority of the existing board.

The Officers and Directors shall assume their offices and duties immediately upon their election at the Annual General Meeting or following their appointment, and shall continue in office until the conclusion of the next Spring BAYS season, or until replaced.  The Treasurer shall use the conclusion of the Spring season as the time for closing of the books for the fiscal year.

By mutual agreement, the President and/or any of the vice-presidents may assume each other's duties and responsibilities during temporary absence of one of these officers.

The duties and responsibilities of the members of the Board shall be as follows:

The President shall officially preside at all general meetings and board meetings; be the official representative of BAYS; be one of those authorized to sign checks; and shall appoint all committee members and chairpersons except as those otherwise provided herein.

The First Vice-President shall succeed to the office and powers of the President in his/her absence, or for the remainder of his/her term if the office is vacated for any reason.  In the event of such vacancy, the Board shall elect a successor to the post of First vice-president.  The First vice-president shall be the administrator of the Protest Process and shall be the chairperson of the Competition Committee and the chairperson of the Playoff Committee.

The Second Vice-President shall be executive director of Divisions 1 and 2 for U-12 and older age groups, and shall be the chairperson of the Sportsmanship Review Committee.  This person shall supervise and assist the Directors of these divisions in the management of their playing divisions.

The Third Vice-President shall be executive director of Divisions 3,4, and 5 for U-12 and older age groups.  This person shall supervise and assist the Directors of these divisions in the management of their playing divisions.  In addition, this person shall be a member of the Sportsmanship Review Committee and the Competition Committee; shall be the person charged by the Competition Committee with receiving and processing all waiver requests; and shall administer the President's Cup competition.

The Fourth Vice-President shall be executive director of all U-9, U-10, and U-11 soccer divisions.  This person shall supervise and assist the Division Directors and U-9/U-10 Administrators in the management of their playing divisions.

The Secretary shall keep detailed minutes of all board and general meetings, attend to record keeping and communications of the Board of Directors, and shall attend to all correspondence pertaining to the general membership.

The U-9/U-10 Boys Administrator and the U-9/U-10 Girls Administrator shall be the executive directors of their respective U-9/U-10 6v6 programs. 

The Ejection Secretary  shall receive ejection cards (and passcards if division 1 or 2) from referees; notify referee schedulers of players/coaches ineligible for games in their respective area; return passcards to ejected persons; provide a periodic report of ejections to the Board of Directors as requested by the President; and notify the chairperson of the Sportsmanship Review Committee of any ejection reports of a serious nature.

The Referees Representative shall be the official contact between the BAYS Board and the Massachusetts State Referee Committee, and will perform the following: coordinate entry level referee courses; communicate with all BAYS referees; schedule one annual in-service referee clinic in the BAYS area; administer the BAYS Referee Rating Card process; provide the Referee Schedulers with the necessary information to assign referees for the Spring season; and, assemble and distribute the team kits.

The Registrar shall assist sponsoring organizations with any required affiliations; appoint assistant registrars who will process roster forms and passcards requiring specific approval; and submit all required affiliation paperwork and information on a timely basis.

The Scheduling Manager shall draw up the official league schedule with consideration for special constraints (such as field sharing) which are listed on the team application forms.

The Treasurer shall have charge of the finances of BAYS and shall report on the condition of the same at all Board and general meetings; submit a written report at the annual general meeting, covering the prior year's activities; be one of those authorized to sign checks.

The Directors shall have the responsibility and authority for administrating BAYS affairs in specific areas which shall be assigned by the Board.  Primarily, each Director shall be in charge of one or more playing sections and divisions.  The Directors shall hold the team rosters, maintain the standings, and be the point of contact for any problems arising in scheduling or playing of games.