13. Suspension, Expulsion, and Removal of Members and Directors

Any BAYS Member may be suspended or expelled from BAYS, and any individual may be suspended or removed from his or her position as a BAYS Director or Officer, by a resolution passed by not less than two-thirds of Directors present and voting at a Board meeting with a quorum present. The officers of an organizational member, or of the organizational member whom the Director represents, who is facing such action shall be notified in writing of the intended action at least ten days in advance and may make a statement to the Board of Directors before the resolution is put to a vote.

The decision of the Board of Directors shall be binding.

All matters having to do with disciplinary actions, grievances, complaints, and appeals must follow the procedures as set forth by the BAYS bylaws, policies, rules, and procedures and to follow the procedures of our sanctioning body, the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association. Those procedures can be found in the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association website's section on guidance and governance.