BAYS - Section Girls Grade 8 4/E

Section Leadership
Division Director: Iain Shipperd
Section Captain: Darwin Cevallos
Section Standings
TeamSNTeam#WLTFPTSGFGA+/-CoachA Coach
Wellesley Thunder31092672102219172Michael SharpGarrett Solomon
Walpole Reign63103663101923815Peter EllisDarwin Cevallos
Milton Royals4111744510132028-8Ted ClarkNone
Newton G Warriors131510370092629-3Gonzalo MiletAdam Steinberg
Natick Lightning211485271071334-21Ken CaseNone
Watertown WOODCHUCKS530810140121018-8Andrew FehlnerAlyssa Audet
Section Members
TeamFieldCoachAssistant Coach
Milton RoyalsAndrewsTed ClarkNone
Wellesley ThunderMichael SharpGarrett Solomon
Natick Lightning1BKen CaseNone
Watertown WOODCHUCKSAndrew FehlnerAlyssa Audet
Walpole ReignS. Walpole Turf 2Peter EllisDarwin Cevallos
Newton G WarriorsFessenden AGonzalo MiletAdam Steinberg
Schedule and Results by Week
Week 1
Game #Game TimeFieldHome TeamScoreAway TeamNotes
50724/9/22 9:00amSprague 2 (turf)Wellesley Thunder0 - 5Needham Banshees
50714/9/22 10:35amElm Bank Field 4Natick Lightning2 - 5Newton G Warriors
50734/9/22 11:30amAndrews FieldMilton Royals1 - 4Walpole Reign
Week 2
Week 3
Game #Game TimeFieldHome TeamScoreAway TeamNotes
50794/23/22 11:00amSouth Walpole Community Athletic Complex Turf Field 2Walpole Reign0 - 1Needham Banshees
50784/23/22 11:30amAndrews FieldMilton Royals5 - 4Newton G Warriors
50775/5/22 6:00pmElm Bank 2Wellesley Thunder2 - 0Natick Lightning
Week 4
Game #Game TimeFieldHome TeamScoreAway TeamNotes
50824/30/22 9:00amSprague 2 (turf)Wellesley Thunder1 - 0Walpole Reign
50814/30/22 10:35amElm Bank Field 4Natick Lightning4 - 2Milton Royals
50805/22/22 1:30pmNewton South High School Stadium TurfNewton G Warriors0 - 4Needham Banshees
Week 5
Game #Game TimeFieldHome TeamScoreAway TeamNotes
50845/7/22 11:00amDeFazio #3 ConroyNeedham Banshees6 - 0Natick Lightning
50835/7/22 11:30amAndrews FieldMilton Royals1 - 3Wellesley Thunder
50855/7/22 11:30amSouth Walpole Community Athletic Complex Turf Field 2Walpole Reign6 - 2Newton G Warriors
Week 6
Week 7
Game #Game TimeFieldHome TeamScoreAway TeamNotes
50905/21/22 9:00amElm Bank 2Wellesley Thunder3 - 2Newton G Warriors
50895/21/22 10:35amElm Bank Field 3Natick Lightning2 - 1Walpole Reign
50915/21/22 11:30amAndrews FieldMilton Royals5 - 2Watertown WOODCHUCKS
Week 8
Game #Game TimeFieldHome TeamScoreAway TeamNotes
50935/28/22 12:10amKennedy Middle SchoolNatick Lightning1 - 3Wellesley Thunder
50945/28/22 10:45amFilippello Park 2Watertown WOODCHUCKSF - 1Walpole ReignHome Team Forfeit - Non roster player played
50925/28/22 12:00pmFessenden A / Class of 1985Newton G Warriors0 - 1Milton Royals
Week 9
Game #Game TimeFieldHome TeamScoreAway TeamNotes
50966/4/22 11:00amFilippello Park 2Watertown WOODCHUCKS1 - 6Newton G Warriors
50976/4/22 11:00amSouth Walpole Community Athletic Complex Turf Field 2Walpole Reign1 - 1Wellesley Thunder
50956/4/22 11:30amAndrews FieldMilton Royals0 - 0Natick Lightning
Week 10
Game #Game TimeFieldHome TeamScoreAway TeamNotes
51006/11/22 10:30amSprague 3 (turf)Wellesley Thunder0 - 4Milton Royals
50996/11/22 10:35amElm Bank Field 3Natick Lightning3 - 6Watertown WOODCHUCKS
50986/11/22 12:00pmFessenden A / Class of 1985Newton G Warriors0 - 3Walpole Reign