BAYS - Section Boys Grade 4 3/C

Section Leadership
Division Director: Mary Jane Scofield
Section Captain: Scott Bailey
Section Standings
TeamSNTeam#WLTFPTSGFGA+/-CoachA Coach
Newton B Impact61089352301824195Scott McCarleyEthan Schonbrun
C-C Cyclones211253540015271512Rob MisekRich Terry
Arlington Raptors31070545101318180Chris GianakuraStephen Kottmann
Framingham Blue Lightning127734000121248John CorronDavid Yoo
Winchester Wizards4108383610101829-11Scott BaileyChristine Bailey
D-S Eagles5208505000317-14John Eldh
Section Members
TeamFieldCoachAssistant Coach
D-S EaglesLaurelJohn Eldh
Framingham Blue LightningMerchant #5John CorronDavid Yoo
Arlington Raptors8Chris GianakuraStephen Kottmann
Winchester WizardsLynch FieldScott BaileyChristine Bailey
Newton B Impact7AScott McCarleyEthan Schonbrun
C-C CyclonesSan7FRob MisekRich Terry
Schedule and Results by Week
Week 1
Game #Game TimeFieldHome TeamScoreAway TeamNotes
10819/7/19 1:00pmSanborn7 FrontC-C Cyclones10 - 0Winchester Titans
10829/7/19 1:30pmBishop FieldArlington Raptors2 - 4Bedford Bolts
10839/7/19 1:30pmLynch 7v7-AWinchester Wizards2 - 3Newton B Impact
Week 2
Game #Game TimeFieldHome TeamScoreAway TeamNotes
10859/14/19 1:00pmSprings Brook ParkBedford Bolts7 - 1Winchester Wizards
10869/14/19 1:00pmWarren field ANewton B Impact4 - 2C-C Cyclones
10849/14/19 1:30pmLynch 7v7-DWinchester Titans0 - 4Arlington Raptors
Week 3
Game #Game TimeFieldHome TeamScoreAway TeamNotes
10899/21/19 1:00pmWarren field ANewton B Impact1 - 7Bedford Bolts
10879/21/19 1:30pmBishop FieldArlington Raptors1 - 4C-C Cyclones
10889/21/19 1:30pmLeonard 7v7-AWinchester Wizards5 - 0Winchester Titans
Week 4
Game #Game TimeFieldHome TeamScoreAway TeamNotes
10919/28/19 1:00pmSanborn7 FrontC-C Cyclones4 - 0Winchester Wizards
10909/28/19 1:30pmLeonard 7v7-AWinchester Titans0 - 8Bedford Bolts
10929/28/19 1:30pmBishop FieldArlington Raptors4 - 4Newton B Impact
Week 5
Game #Game TimeFieldHome TeamScoreAway TeamNotes
109410/5/19 1:00pmSprings Brook ParkBedford Bolts5 - 0C-C Cyclones
109510/5/19 1:00pmWarren field ANewton B Impact1 - 1Winchester Titans
109310/5/19 1:30pmLynch 7v7-AWinchester Wizards1 - 4Arlington Raptors
Week 6
Game #Game TimeFieldHome TeamScoreAway TeamNotes
109710/6/19 4:15pmLaurel FarmsD-S Eagles0 - 2Arlington Raptors
109810/20/19 11:15amHamilton CNewton B Impact1 - 1Winchester WizardsNewton cannot field a team. Updated 10/22/2019.
109611/9/19 9:00amMerchant Road Field 2Framingham Blue Lightning - C-C CyclonesC-C Cyclones did not have enough players
Week 7
Game #Game TimeFieldHome TeamScoreAway TeamNotes
109910/19/19 1:00pmSanborn7 FrontC-C Cyclones0 - 4Newton B Impact
110010/19/19 1:30pmBishop FieldArlington Raptors0 - 1Framingham Blue Lightning
110110/19/19 1:30pmLynch 7v7-AWinchester Wizards4 - 1D-S Eagles
Week 8
Game #Game TimeFieldHome TeamScoreAway TeamNotes
110210/26/19 1:00pmMerchant Road Field 2Framingham Blue Lightning5 - 3Winchester Wizards
110310/26/19 1:00pmSanborn7 FrontC-C Cyclones0 - 1Arlington Raptors
110410/26/19 1:00pmLaurel FarmsD-S Eagles1 - 3Newton B Impact
Week 9
Game #Game TimeFieldHome TeamScoreAway TeamNotes
110611/2/19 1:00pmLaurel FarmsD-S Eagles1 - 5Framingham Blue Lightning
110711/2/19 1:00pmWarren field ANewton B Impact3 - 0Arlington Raptors
110511/2/19 1:30pmLynch 7v7-DWinchester Wizards0 - 4C-C Cyclones
Week 10
Game #Game TimeFieldHome TeamScoreAway TeamNotes
110811/9/19 11:45amMerchant Road Field 2Framingham Blue Lightning1 - 0Newton B Impact
110911/9/19 1:00pmSanborn7 FrontC-C Cyclones3 - 0D-S Eagles
111011/9/19 1:30pmBishop FieldArlington Raptors0 - 1Winchester Wizards