BAYS - Section Girls Grade 6 2/E

Section Leadership
Division Director: Dan Bielenin
Section Captain: Gesse Faber
Section Standings
TeamSNTeam#WLTFPTSGFGA+/-CoachA Coach
Framingham Flames6276771202321912John ViveirosMike Terranova
Cambridge Breakers FC4311762202021138Chad LeithTom Wintner
Belmont G6-1 Breakers2491952301817134Gesse FaberMark Arsenault
Arlington Hurricane3378653201716115Lori Barry-SmithLaura Longsworth
A-B Storm5434318104825-17Andrew ChaseMichael Primiano
C-C Majestics141319003618-12Chris HaeniChristopher Ward
Section Members
TeamFieldCoachAssistant Coach
C-C MajesticsHSTurf2BChris HaeniChristopher Ward
Framingham FlamesMerchant #3John ViveirosMike Terranova
Cambridge Breakers FC1Chad LeithTom Wintner
Arlington Hurricane16Lori Barry-SmithLaura Longsworth
A-B Storm16AAndrew ChaseMichael Primiano
Belmont G6-1 Breakers1AGesse FaberMark Arsenault
Schedule and Results by Week
Week 1
Game #Game TimeFieldHome TeamScoreAway TeamNotes
42919/9/17 9:00amMcClennen Park 2Arlington Hurricane3 - 1A-B Storm
43209/9/17 9:00amPQ (1A)Belmont G6-1 Breakers3 - 1C-C Majestics
42929/9/17 12:00pmDanehy 2 - artificial turfCambridge Breakers FC5 - 2Framingham Flames
Week 2
Game #Game TimeFieldHome TeamScoreAway TeamNotes
42959/16/17 10:15am17A AB Lower FIelds (Turf) 9v9A-B Storm1 - 4Cambridge Breakers FC
42939/16/17 10:30amCCHS Turf 2AC-C Majestics1 - 3Arlington Hurricane
42949/16/17 10:30amMerchant Road Field 3Framingham Flames1 - 1Belmont G6-1 Breakers
Week 3
Game #Game TimeFieldHome TeamScoreAway TeamNotes
42979/23/17 9:00amMcClennen Park 2Arlington Hurricane2 - 0Belmont G6-1 Breakers
42989/23/17 10:30amMerchant Road Field 3Framingham Flames6 - 1A-B Storm
42969/23/17 12:00pmDanehy 1 - Artificial TurfCambridge Breakers FC2 - 1C-C Majestics
Week 4
Game #Game TimeFieldHome TeamScoreAway TeamNotes
43019/30/17 9:00amMcClennen Park 2Arlington Hurricane0 - 1Framingham Flames
42999/30/17 10:30amCCHS Turf 2AC-C Majestics0 - 1A-B Storm
43009/30/17 10:30amPQ (1A)Belmont G6-1 Breakers2 - 2Cambridge Breakers FC
Week 5
Game #Game TimeFieldHome TeamScoreAway TeamNotes
43049/23/17 4:30pmDanehy 2 - artificial turfCambridge Breakers FC1 - 1Arlington HurricanePre-poned
430210/15/17 4:00pmMerchant Road Field 4Framingham Flames3 - 0C-C Majestics
430310/17/17 6:00pm17B AB Lower FIelds (Turf) 9v9A-B Storm0 - 2Belmont G6-1 BreakersRescheduling game
Week 6
Game #Game TimeFieldHome TeamScoreAway TeamNotes
430610/14/17 10:15am17A AB Lower FIelds (Turf) 9v9A-B Storm2 - 2Arlington Hurricane
430510/14/17 10:30amCCHS Turf 2AC-C Majestics1 - 2Belmont G6-1 Breakers
430710/14/17 10:30amMerchant Road Field 3Framingham Flames2 - 0Cambridge Breakers FC
Week 7
Game #Game TimeFieldHome TeamScoreAway TeamNotes
430810/21/17 9:00amMcClennen Park 2Arlington Hurricane1 - 0C-C Majestics
430910/21/17 9:00amPQ (1A)Belmont G6-1 Breakers1 - 1Framingham Flames
431010/21/17 12:00pmDanehy 1 - Artificial TurfCambridge Breakers FC2 - 1A-B Storm
Week 8
Game #Game TimeFieldHome TeamScoreAway TeamNotes
431310/28/17 10:15am17A AB Lower FIelds (Turf) 9v9A-B Storm0 - 2Framingham Flames
431110/28/17 10:30amCCHS Turf 2AC-C Majestics0 - 2Cambridge Breakers FC
431210/28/17 10:30amPQ (1A)Belmont G6-1 Breakers3 - 1Arlington Hurricane
Week 9
Game #Game TimeFieldHome TeamScoreAway TeamNotes
431411/4/17 10:15am17A AB Lower FIelds (Turf) 9v9A-B Storm0 - 2C-C Majestics
431611/4/17 10:30amMerchant Road Field 3Framingham Flames2 - 1Arlington Hurricane
431511/4/17 12:00pmDanehy 1 - Artificial TurfCambridge Breakers FC3 - 1Belmont G6-1 Breakers
Week 10
Game #Game TimeFieldHome TeamScoreAway TeamNotes
431911/11/17 12:00pmHills Hill FieldArlington Hurricane2 - 0Cambridge Breakers FC
431711/12/17 2:30pmCCHS Turf 2AC-C Majestics0 - 1Framingham Flames
431811/18/17 10:00amPQ (1A)Belmont G6-1 Breakers2 - 1A-B StormPostponed due to cold weather