BAYS Director Role Description

The BAYS Board of Directors is responsible for the management of BAYS. Having a BAYS Board representative gives your town a vote in how the league is run. Many important issues are decided by votes at BAYS Board meetings. It also provides a broad view of how the 50 BAYS member towns operate, which can be a useful way to be exposed to different approaches.

Here is an overview of the role of a BAYS Board Member. Most work is done over email, and the overall time commitment is not that much, especially out of season.

Board Meetings

Town representatives to the BAYS Board are expected to attend the majority of BAYS Board meetings, which generally are held monthly on the second Wednesday of the month in the evening. Meetings are currently all virtual and last about 90 minutes. Board members are responsible for the communication of BAYS information to and from your organization.

Division Director

BAYS Board members serve as Division Directors during each season, fall and spring. This is one of the critical roles that helps BAYS run the league.

Division Directors are the primary contact point for coaches ensuring that the season goes smoothly, helping coaches understand the way BAYS works. They are assigned at the beginning of each season and oversee between 5 and 7 sections (6 teams or so per section) within a specific grade group. They have an experienced Grade Director to help provide support and guidance. The customized BAYS website facilitates group email communications and provides notifications.

  • Preseason roster validation
    • Using published guidelines and a streamlined roster management system, Division Directors validate all of the rosters submitted for the teams in their assigned sections and make sure coach contact information is listed on the BAYS site. Roster validation takes less than 3-5 minutes per roster so the entire roster validation process does not take long and is mainly spread out over a few weeks in the preseason period. 
  • Ongoing section management 
    • Division Directors are responsible for making sure that the games get played according to the published game schedule, and they are responsible for resolving unplayed games/forfeit situations.
    • On a weekly basis in season, Division Directors use a special Scoring Pad to review their sections’ posted scores for competitiveness, excessive score differentials, rescheduled games, and special game situations such as replacement games for terminated matches that need a determination and special handling.
  • Midseason swap orchestration
    • Division Directors work with their assigned Grade Director and other Division Directors with sections close to theirs to develop swap strategies for teams that are overmatched or underchallenged after the first 3-5 weeks of the season. 
    • Division Directors contact the involved clubs with the swap proposal and manage the swap process.

Committee Participation

We also encourage BAYS BOD members to serve on committees such as the Zero Tolerance Committee, Playoff Committee, Waivers, or other committees formed to investigate special issues such as financial hardship and participation inclusion. Members can also help out with managing the Presidents’ Cup Finals, BAYS Playoffs, and MTOC tournament games.