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Field Name:
High School Turf #4
Field Abbreviation:
Wayland Field 4
Field Notes:
This field is located behind the High School - in the Stadium • Players do not arrive earlier than 25minutes prior to game time – it is in use prior to that by WHS teams or WAYS. You will still have plenty of time to warm up. • Also, we have HS activities going on at the site and we ask ONLY the players and coaches to arrive at the field for warming up. Parents and spectators please stay in your cars till 10 minutes prior to kick off to allow the HS field and parking lot to clear of student athletes, parents and coaches from previous games. We cannot have crowds and crowding on the site, please be patient. • NO LAWN CHAIRS OR FOLDING CHAIRS on the track or inside the field fenced area – spectators please sit socially distanced in the stands • Only 3 credentialled coaches allowed on the sidelines • Wayland Youth Soccer is only allowing 1 spectator per player this season (we have not changed this), coaches do not count towards the spectator rule • EVERYONE must be in masks at all times (players that are socially distanced on the sidelines may remove for water breaks) • We are not allowing anyone in our program exposed to a positive case (including family members not directly exposed, but in the household with the exposed family member) to participate in soccer until they ALL quarantine for 14 days and exposed family member has a negative test.
Field Location:
264 Old Connecticut Path
Wayland, MA 01778