Wayland Field Details

Field Name:
High School Turf #4
Field Abbreviation:
Wayland Field 4
Field Notes:
This field is located behind the High School - in the Stadium, parking is nearby. • Players do not arrive earlier than 30 minutes prior to game time – it is in use prior to that by WHS teams or WAYS. You will still have plenty of time to warm up. • HS activities are on-going; we ask ONLY players and coaches to arrive at the field for warming up. Parents/spectators please be patient while the site clears from previous events/games. • NO LAWN CHAIRS OR FOLDING CHAIRS on the track or inside the field fenced area – spectators remain behind fencing/sit in the stands. • Only 3 credentialled coaches allowed on the sidelines.
Field Location:
264 Old Connecticut Path
Wayland, MA 01778