Welcome Club Registrars

Spring 2017 - A New Website

Boston Area Youth Soccer League is pleased to announce our new and updated website. It was our goal to create a more intuitive website that can easily be used on all devices. As we start the registration process, Club Registrars are the first to use the site. During this time we will provide you with instructions as you go.  

New Site Login Process

Click on the Login button to get started.



Scott Baetz here from the Web Development Team.  We have an URGENT request.

If you have ever subscribed to a team calendar please delete those subscriptions.  We need our membership to delete the calendar entries for prior seasons.  

Why Delete Those?

Currently receive as many as 100 requests per second from our membership from teams that are no longer active.  This places a huge demand upon our server, costs additional funds for traffic, and frankly reduces the performance to this web site.