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One of the highlights of the BAYS spring soccer season is the President's Cup Tournament. This tournament is open to teams in the following divisions:

  • U12 & U14 Division 3 (U13 teams will play in the U14 bracket)

  • U11 Divisions 2 & 3

In addition, the tournament includes a one-game playoff between the two section winners in Girls and Boys U11 Division 1. All Championship games are scheduled for June 16. (Time and location TBA)

President's Cup Details:

  • The cup competition is played in addition to the regular season schedule

  • Initial pairings are determined by BAYS, with byes added to each bracket as needed to round out 32-team or 64-team fields.

  • The tournament has a single-elimination format.

  • All games are played to a result, including overtime and kicks from the penalty spot if needed.

  • The home team (designated by BAYS) must provide a choice of three dates/times to the away team, secure a field and arrange for a licensed referee through its town assignor.

  • Each round of games must be completed within the time frame established by BAYS.

  • Coaches must report scores within 24 hours.

  • The entry fee is $25 per team (see payment details below)

  • BAYS will pay the referee

  • Teams may be enrolled by their coach or assistant coach (See application link below).

  • BAYS will award a cup to the coach and a special commemorative to each of the players in the finals.

Tentative Schedule by Round:

The tentative schedule is:

Round 1 - Completed by May 18

Round 2 - Completed by Wednesday, May 30

Quarter-finals - Completed by Wednesday, June 6

Semi-finals - Completed by Wednesday, June 13

Championship - June 16 (Time and place TBA)


Divisions with more than 32 teams will have "play-in games" which must be completed prior to the start of the tournament.

President's Cup Rules:

  • BAYS rules apply except as noted.

  • No special tournament rosters and no "guest" players. Teams use their existing BAYS roster.

  • Each game must be played to a result. If tied at the end of regulation time, two five-minute overtime periods will be played in full. No "golden goal"; no "sudden death". If tied at the end of both overtime periods, the game shall be determined by FIFA-style kicks from the penalty spot. If, in the referee's sole discretion, there is a lack of sufficient daylight or poor weather or field conditions, the referee may direct the teams to proceed directly to penalty kicks at the conclusion of regular time and omit the overtime periods.

  • In the event that two teams from the same BAYS section are scheduled to play each other in the tournament, they must play their President's Cup game in addition to their regular schedule. They may not substitute their regularly scheduled BAYS game for their President's Cup game.

  • Good sportsmanship is assumed. Stronger teams are expected to do everything possible to keep scores reasonable. Scores will be truncated with a maximum posted goal differential of 4 goals. Teams progress in the tournament solely based on wins. Goal differential has no impact.

Entry Fees:

The entry fee is $25 per team. Checks should be made payable to "BAYS" and must be received prior to the start of play. We do not currently have the ability to process credit card payments. Please identify your team and the bracket that it registered for (i.e., GU14 Div. 3, BU11 Div. 2, etc.). Checks should be mailed to:


BAYS Treasurer
PO Box 536
Dover, MA 02030

Be advised, you need to be logged in, and a Coach, to see any teams below

Registration Closed

Team Application & Status

Below you will see all the teams you are currently listed as coaching. If you select the APPLY button, your team will be pre-enrolled in the President's cup. Your application will not be completed until you submit your entry fee.

Team ID Team NameCoach Eligibility Apply
GIRLS/14 2/C 7 Belmont G14-1 Blaze Not Eligable
GIRLS/14 1/A 9 Winchester Red Stars Not Eligable
GIRLS/14 2/D 40 Natick A2 Not Eligable
GIRLS/14 3/H 43 Belmont G14-2 Beacons Eligible
GIRLS/14 3/A 70 Natick Rebels Eligible
GIRLS/14 3/O 101 Natick B2 Eligible
GIRLS/14 4/C 102 Belmont G14-4 Bengals Eligible
GIRLS/14 3/M 148 Millis Mohawks Eligible
GIRLS/12 4/E 338 Natick Thunder Eligible
GIRLS/11 3/H 429 Natick Heat Eligible
GIRLS/11 4/B 469 Natick Thunder Eligible
GIRLS/10 3/B 599 Natick Hawks Eligible
GIRLS/9 2/C 696 Natick Noise Eligible
GIRLS/12 2/B 702 Belmont G12-1 Badgers Eligible
GIRLS/9 2/E1 708 Natick Huskies Eligible
GIRLS/12 3/A 719 Belmont G12-2 Bolts Eligible
GIRLS/12 3/G 762 Belmont G12-3 Barracudas Eligible
BOYS/14 2/E 768 Winchester Galaxy Eligible
BOYS/14 2/C 779 Belmont B14-1 Bears Eligible
BOYS/14 3/E 792 Winchester United Eligible
BOYS/14 3/B 822 Belmont B14-2 Barons Eligible
BOYS/14 3/F 849 Winchester Warriors Eligible
BOYS/14 3/M2 866 Belmont B14-3 Bantams Eligible
BOYS/14 3/F 877 Natick Strikers Eligible
BOYS/14 4/G 893 Belmont B14-4 Boca Juniors Eligible
BOYS/12 4/E 1067 Natick Scorpians Eligible
BOYS/11 2/D 1114 Natick A2 Eligible
BOYS/11 3/K 1160 Natick Bantams Eligible
BOYS/11 4/A 1184 Natick Natick FC Eligible
BOYS/11 4/B 1220 Winchester Lions Eligible
BOYS/10 3/F 1304 Natick Ninjas Eligible
BOYS/12 2/G 1411 Belmont B12-1 Bad Dogs Eligible
BOYS/12 3/A 1421 Belmont B12-2 Bongos Eligible
BOYS/12 3/B 1673 Weston Force Eligible
GIRLS/14 3/K 1782 Belmont G14-3 Blast Eligible
BOYS/12 4/A 1890 Natick Rebels Eligible
GIRLS/12 3/B 1966 Norwood Jaguars Eligible
BOYS/12 3/F 2096 Dedham Diamondbacks Eligible
GIRLS/11 3/K2 2110 Dedham Breakers Eligible
BOYS/12 4/B 2237 Belmont B12-3 Basenjis Eligible
BOYS/14 2/F 2241 Dedham Destroyers Eligible
BOYS/12 4/E 2272 Dedham Bandits Eligible
GIRLS/10 4/C 2474 Westwood Eligible
BOYS/11 3/G 2570 Weston Avengers Eligible
GIRLS/12 3/J 2963 Belmont G12-4 Braves Eligible
GIRLS/11 3/H 2964 Belmont G11-3 Breakers Eligible
GIRLS/11 3/E 2965 Belmont G11-2 Bobcats Eligible
GIRLS/11 2/B 2966 Belmont G11-1 Banshees Eligible
BOYS/11 3/G 2972 Belmont B11-2 Bandits Eligible
BOYS/11 3/K 2974 Belmont B11-3 Broncos Eligible
BOYS/11 2/A 2975 Belmont B11-1 Bulls Eligible
GIRLS/10 3/B 3146 Sudbury Storm Eligible
BOYS/14 4/F 3225 Wayland Warriors Eligible
BOYS/10 2/E 3348 Sudbury Lightning Eligible
BOYS/10 3/M 3354 Sudbury Storm Eligible
BOYS/14 4/F 3358 Dedham Raiders Eligible
BOYS/10 4/D 3359 Sudbury Scorpions Eligible
BOYS/10 3/F 3363 Sudbury Strikers Eligible
BOYS/14 1/A2 3373 Sudbury United Academy Eligible
GIRLS/10 4/C 3484 Westwood Eligible
GIRLS/10 4/D 3562 Weston Storm Eligible
GIRLS/10 2/F 3577 Wayland Gunners Eligible
BOYS/12 3/B 3592 Wayland Tigers Eligible
BOYS/12 4/E 3593 Wayland Dynamite Eligible
GIRLS/11 4/D 3606 Belmont G11-4 Blizzard Eligible
BOYS/12 4/A 3614 Sudbury Sting Eligible
BOYS/14 4/G 3802 Winchester Revolution Eligible
GIRLS/12 2/C 4081 Hopkinton Academy A Eligible
GIRLS/12 3/C 4082 Hopkinton Academy B Eligible
BOYS/10 2/F 4091 Hopkinton Academy Eligible
GIRLS/10 3/L 4135 Belmont G10-3 Bees Eligible
GIRLS/10 3/D 4136 Belmont G10-2 Belles Eligible
GIRLS/10 2/D 4137 Belmont G10-1 Bandicoots Eligible
BOYS/10 4/C 4140 Belmont B11-4 Beasts Eligible
BOYS/10 3/N 4141 Belmont B10-4 Blazers Eligible
BOYS/10 3/C 4142 Belmont B10-3 Bison Eligible
BOYS/10 2/E 4143 Belmont B10-2 Boxers Eligible
BOYS/10 2/A 4144 Belmont B10-1 Bulldogs Eligible
GIRLS/11 4/E 4156 Sudbury Strikers Eligible
BOYS/9 3/K 4206 Millis Sizzlers Eligible
BOYS/10 2/B 4257 Westwood Eligible
BOYS/10 2/B 4258 Westwood Eligible
BOYS/10 3/C 4259 Westwood Eligible
BOYS/10 3/G 4260 Westwood Eligible
BOYS/10 3/G 4261 Westwood Eligible
BOYS/10 4/E 4263 Westwood Eligible
GIRLS/10 3/G 4264 Westwood Eligible
GIRLS/10 3/G 4265 Westwood Eligible
GIRLS/10 2/A 4266 Westwood Eligible
GIRLS/10 2/C 4267 Westwood Eligible
BOYS/10 4/E 4295 Norwood Rovers Eligible
GIRLS/10 3/A 4309 Norwood Warriors Eligible
GIRLS/9 2/D 4320 Dedham Daredevils Eligible
GIRLS/12 4/B2 4324 Dedham TNT Eligible
BOYS/9 3/E 4327 Dedham Dominators Eligible
BOYS/11 4/C 4371 Westwood Eligible
BOYS/11 3/D 4373 Westwood Eligible
BOYS/11 3/D 4374 Westwood Eligible
BOYS/11 2/B 4375 Westwood Eligible
GIRLS/11 4/E 4376 Westwood Eligible
GIRLS/11 4/E 4377 Westwood Eligible
GIRLS/11 3/F 4378 Westwood Eligible
GIRLS/11 3/F 4379 Westwood Eligible
GIRLS/11 3/B 4380 Westwood Eligible
GIRLS/11 2/F 4381 Westwood Eligible
GIRLS/11 2/A 4382 Westwood Eligible
BOYS/12 4/B 4383 Westwood Eligible
BOYS/12 4/B 4384 Westwood Eligible
BOYS/12 3/D 4386 Westwood Eligible
BOYS/12 2/G 4387 Westwood Eligible
BOYS/12 2/C 4388 Westwood Eligible
GIRLS/12 4/B2 4389 Westwood Eligible
GIRLS/12 4/B2 4390 Westwood Eligible
GIRLS/12 3/B 4392 Westwood Eligible
GIRLS/12 3/B 4393 Westwood Eligible
GIRLS/12 2/A 4394 Westwood Eligible
BOYS/14 4/D 4395 Westwood Eligible
BOYS/14 4/D 4396 Westwood Eligible
BOYS/14 3/D 4397 Westwood Eligible
BOYS/14 3/C 4398 Westwood Eligible
BOYS/14 2/A 4399 Westwood Eligible
GIRLS/14 4/G 4400 Westwood Eligible
GIRLS/14 4/G 4401 Westwood Eligible
GIRLS/14 4/C 4403 Westwood Eligible
GIRLS/14 3/L 4404 Westwood Eligible
GIRLS/14 3/E 4405 Westwood Eligible
GIRLS/14 2/A 4406 Westwood Eligible
BOYS/9 4/A1 4460 Weston Wildcats Eligible
GIRLS/9 3/J 4463 Weston Sparks Eligible
GIRLS/14 2/E 4466 Southboro Strikers Eligible
GIRLS/14 4/B 4467 Southboro Express Eligible
GIRLS/12 2/G 4468 Southboro Strikers Eligible
GIRLS/12 4/A 4469 Southboro Stars Eligible
BOYS/11 4/C 4470 Southboro Express Eligible
BOYS/9 4/A2 4471 Southboro Storm Eligible
BOYS/14 3/A 4472 Southboro Strikers Eligible
BOYS/9 4/A2 4484 Wayland Rovers Eligible
GIRLS/9 3/G 4492 Watertown Warriors Eligible
GIRLS/11 2/C 4493 Franklin Spiders Eligible
BOYS/12 2/D 4494 Franklin Arsenal Eligible
BOYS/12 3/D 4495 Franklin Storm Eligible
BOYS/10 3/D 4497 Franklin United Eligible
BOYS/10 4/B 4499 Franklin Panthers Eligible
BOYS/11 2/C 4500 Franklin Fire Eligible
BOYS/11 3/J 4501 Franklin Fury Eligible
BOYS/11 4/C 4502 Franklin Strikers Eligible
GIRLS/14 3/D 4503 Franklin Panthers Eligible
GIRLS/9 2/E1 4504 Foxboro Foxboro Warriors Eligible
GIRLS/9 3/A2 4505 Foxboro Foxboro Warriors Blue Eligible
GIRLS/9 3/D 4506 Foxboro Foxboro Warriors Gold Eligible
GIRLS/10 2/C 4507 Foxboro Foxboro Warriors Eligible
GIRLS/10 3/C1 4508 Foxboro Foxboro Warriors Blue Eligible
GIRLS/10 3/C2 4509 Foxboro Foxboro Warriors Gold Eligible
GIRLS/10 4/D 4510 Foxboro Foxboro Warriors Eligible
GIRLS/11 2/E 4511 Foxboro Foxboro Warriors Eligible
GIRLS/11 3/J 4512 Foxboro Foxboro Warriors Eligible
GIRLS/12 2/C 4513 Foxboro Foxboro Warriors Eligible
GIRLS/12 3/D 4514 Foxboro Foxboro Warriors Eligible
GIRLS/12 3/K 4515 Foxboro Foxboro Warriors Eligible
GIRLS/14 2/D 4516 Foxboro Foxboro Warriors Eligible
GIRLS/14 3/F 4517 Foxboro Foxboro Warriors Eligible
GIRLS/14 3/O 4518 Foxboro Foxboro Warriors Eligible
BOYS/11 4/D 4519 Wellesley Bobcats Eligible
GIRLS/11 4/E 4520 Plainville Cyclones Eligible
BOYS/9 3/L 4531 C-C Coyotes Eligible
GIRLS/10 3/L 4533 Bedford TBD Eligible
GIRLS/14 4/G 4534 Medfield Lighting Eligible
BOYS/9 4/A2 4536 Westboro Arsenal - B9E Eligible
BOYS/10 3/G 4540 Milf-Hopedale United Eligible
BOYS/10 2/D 4541 Milf-Hopedale Fireballs Eligible
GIRLS/10 4/A2 4542 Milf-Hopedale Strikers Eligible
GIRLS/10 2/E 4543 Milf-Hopedale Breakers Eligible
BOYS/11 3/H 4544 Milf-Hopedale Rangers Eligible
GIRLS/11 3/J 4545 Milf-Hopedale Storm Eligible
BOYS/12 3/J 4546 Milf-Hopedale Mustangs Eligible
BOYS/12 2/F 4547 Milf-Hopedale Spurs Eligible
GIRLS/12 4/E 4548 Milf-Hopedale Renegades Eligible
GIRLS/12 3/D 4549 Milf-Hopedale Chargers Eligible
BOYS/14 3/K 4550 Milf-Hopedale Hawks Eligible
BOYS/14 3/G 4551 Milf-Hopedale Warriors Eligible
BOYS/14 2/B 4552 Milf-Hopedale Vipers Eligible
GIRLS/14 4/E 4553 Milf-Hopedale Fury Eligible
GIRLS/14 3/J 4554 Milf-Hopedale United Eligible
GIRLS/14 2/D 4555 Milf-Hopedale Magic Eligible
GIRLS/14 4/D 4556 South End Rush Eligible
GIRLS/10 4/C 4557 Norwood Waves Eligible
BOYS/9 2/A 4558 Foxboro Warriors Eligible
BOYS/9 3/D 4559 Foxboro Warriors Eligible
BOYS/9 3/K 4560 Foxboro Warriors Eligible
BOYS/10 2/B 4561 Foxboro Warriors Eligible
BOYS/10 3/D 4562 Foxboro Warriors Eligible
BOYS/11 3/C 4564 Foxboro Warriors Eligible
BOYS/11 3/F 4565 Foxboro Warriors Eligible
BOYS/12 2/F 4566 Foxboro Warriors Eligible
BOYS/12 3/K 4567 Foxboro Warriors Eligible
BOYS/14 2/D 4568 Foxboro Warriors Eligible
BOYS/14 3/K 4569 Foxboro Warriors Eligible
BOYS/12 4/F1 4571 Framingham Team 5 Eligible
BOYS/14 3/G 4573 Attleboro New Eligible
BOYS/9 3/J 4574 Bedford Eligible
BOYS/14 4/D 4575 Franklin New Eligible
BOYS/9 9/H 4577 Watertown TBD Eligible