Waiver Application Now Open for the Fall 2019 Season

Club Registrars:

The waiver application submission tool is now open for the Fall 2019 season on the BAYS website in your Club Register—>Waivers—>Waiver Application menu.

A list of waivers for prior seasons can be viewed by changing your season at the top of the page and then looking in Waivers—>Waivers - Club.

Detailed descriptions of the available waiver types are listed in the waiver application. Please provide all required information. If you have further waiver questions, please contact [email protected].

Initial Fall Team Placements

Initial placements for the Fall 2019 for Grades 3-8 are live on the BAYS site. Click HERE  The whole placement file can be printed and/or saved to a PDF. It may take a few moments to load.

Placements can also be accessed from within the Current Season—> Initial Placements dropdown.

Club Registrars or Club Presidents may request placement changes through their Team Admin—> Placement Change Request dropdown. 

2019 Presidents' Cup Results


2019 BAYS Presidents' Cup Results





 Girls Grade 5 D1 Framingham Force 1-0  Needham Rhinos
 Girls Grade 5 D2  Wellesley Rebels 5-4 (PK4-3)  Medfield Warriors
 Girls Grade 5 D3 Westwood Thunder 2-1 (OT)  Norfolk Meteors
 GirlsGrade 6 D3  Framingham Fury  1-0  Milton Freedom
 Girls Grade 8 D3 Natick Nightmares  7-1  Medfield United
 Boys Grade 5 D1 Natick Phoenix  3-2  Dover-Sherborn Raiders
 Boys Grade 5 D2 Framingham Strikers  3-2  Framingham Thunder
 Boys Grade 5 D3 Mansfield Hornets  4-3 (OT)  Natick Cyclones
 Boys Grade 6 D3 Northboro Spurs 5-0  Brookline Los Rojos
 Boys Grade 8 D3 Framingham FC Thinkers  1-0 (PK 4-3)  Brookline Zenit

Team PIctures below

Preliminary MTOC Schedule Available

The preliminary MTOC schedule is available on the MYSA web site.  For those of you wanting to start planning:

Step one Identify your MTOC ID.

    Look at the BAYS Playoff Seed page on the BAYS web site under the tournaments tab and see what bracket you are in - in some slots we have a wild card.  Let's say you are Boys Grade 6 Division 2 and are the first place team in section E.  From the BAYS Playoff seeds page we see that if you win the playoffs you will be the B06D2 Wildcard or WC

Lanyard Credential Required

Lanyards Credential Required. The Mass Youth Soccer adult credential (aka "the lanyard") is required to be worn by all team officials on the team sideline (Max of 3). NOTE that this does not affect tournament play. Coaches should contact the administration of any tournament they expect to play in to confirm their requirements for coach credentials.