Significant Rules Changes Since the Fall 2013 Rulebook was printed

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  • 6v6 Goal kick modification requiring teams not in possession to retreat behind half until goal kick is taken (bylaw 20).  (August 2013 & October 2013)
  • •  BAYS Adopts U-10 Play up Policy (October 2013)
  • •  Allowing Competition Committee to consider oversize MTOC rosters for U-12 and U-14 if submitted late (Bylaw 6 - October 2013)
  • •  Clarification that is an MTOC eligible U-16 or older team asks to have more than 22 on the regular season roster, it forfeits MTOC eligibility (October 2013)
  • •  Amend Concussion Training requirement from annual to every three years
  • •  Add CORI Language to Bylaw 6E (May 2014)
  • •  Restricting roster size to spring limits in the fall with U-14 D1 and D2 and U-12 D1 and D2.  (May 2014)
  • • Adjust Law 5 to include all the decisions available to the division director for a game not played to completion. (May 2014)