Coach Passcard and MYSA Adult Credential

The following is from the BAYS Registrar who is also a member of the Mass Youth Board of Directors.

There appears to be wide spread confusion about the uses of the MYSA required Coach (Adult) Credential and the BAYS Coach Passcard (which could be a USYSA Member Pass or a BAYS approved alternate).  A coach is required to have both, with the BAYS Coach Passcard having a current year sticker affixed to it.  There is no need to have a sticker on the MYSA Adult Credential.  A coach who is a minor must have a Coach Passcard but will not be eligible for an MYSA Adult Credential. 

The MYSA Coach Credential is required to be present whenever the adult is with the team, matches, practices, team dinners, outings or whatever.  The enforcement of the requirement is by the club that the coach is working under.  If the club can't print a credential for the coach, the coach should NOT be at any team activities.  It must be worn during all team activities, the only exception is if the coach is actively participating in directing drills, reffing a scrimmage or the like, the coach may stow the credential during that phase.  It is strongly recommended that it be worn prior to practice and when the youth are departing the practice.  The credential shows that the adult is cleared to work with children and may not be revoked by the league.

The BAYS  Passcard with current year sticker allows the coach to be with the team at matches.  The club may only sticker a BAYS passcard if three conditions are met - the color picture on the passcard is still a reasonable likeness of the coach; the coach's CORI does not expire before the conclusion of the MTOC tournament for that year; the coach's concussion training will not be more than three years old at the conclusion of the current year MTOC.  The Referee is required to limit the adult population on the team sideline to a maximum of three each having a valid BAYS Coach Passcard.  No passcard - adult is to be with the spectators and not eligible to coach.  The League may take possession of the passcard should the coach not be eligible to coach for any reason (usually discipline) . The MYSA Adult Credential is still in force even if the League suspends the coach.

At the current time, both the MYSA Adult Credential and BAYS Coach Passcard are required for a coach to coach in BAYS.  Should a team make it to MTOC, the coaches will also be issued a sideline credential from registration at the tournament.  This would necessitate the coach to have three credentials to be with the team - the MYSA Adult Credential, the League Passcard and the tournament sideline credential.

Any Questions - please direct to the BAYS Registrar.

David Dalrymple
BAYS Registrar