Spring 2022 BAYS Registrar Guidance with Corrections

The bulk mail to club registrars on April 8, erroneously noted background checks for over 18 athletes - that was a cut and paste error.  The correct guidance for over 18 athletes is in a separate article on the website https://bays.org/content/18-and-older-adult-athlete-requirements-high-school-teams  

The Ask the Registrar zoom sessions are in a separate article.  The remainder is reproduced below with a few edits for clarity 

Just a few reminders and announcements from the Registrar as the season begins

  • Coach Credentials
  • MTOC Rosters ("Stamped") - player identification and freeze date

Coach Credentials Two points.  Coaches at matches must WEAR their credential on the sideline.  The BAYS BOD clarified the language in the rulebook as coaches were not wearing them.  Please ensure your coaches are aware of that.  Also, as I processed MTOC rosters we had 9 coaches on rosters that were not credential eligible.  Do not put a coach on a roster unless they have a credential.  Some coaches tried to talk there way onto the sideline by showing the roster and saying they left the credential at home.  Please be vigilant.  IF you can't figure out why a coach isn't credential eligble contact the BAYS Registrar.  [email protected]

MTOC Rosters - just about all MTOC teams (including those with oversized rosters) have a stamped roster.  The coaches must present that roster, stamped by the League registrar and approved by the Division DIrector to the referee at the game, all regular season games, all playoff games and all MTOC tournament games.  Make sure they only use the latest stamped roster.  I process rosters late in the day Friday and the Division DIrectors are usually quick to approve.  Don't use an unapproved roster in a game - it has to be the latest approved roster.

         Player Passcards - for regular season BAYS matches no player passcards are required.  Should your team make it to the BAYS playoffs, either passcards or player identifacation sheet will be required - more information will be available shortly.  The long pole is getting the player pictures - you ma want to get that taken care of early in the season so you are not scrambling at the last minute.

         Roster Freeze - for non-MTOC teams you may change rosters freely through the final game.  For MTOC teams there are two additional restrictions - first May 11th is the MTOC roster freeze date - this is the last day a changed roster may be submitted for approval.  The second restriction is once a player is removed from an MTOC roster, they may not be added back later in the season.  You remove a player from an MTOC team roster, they are unable to play for that team for the rest of the season.

David Dalrymple

BAYS Registrar